The Basic Human Flaw, Our Downfall?
A look at religion and its impact on humanity

By Shane LaVar Smith

I was born and raised into the LDS religion. Despite this fact, I have always thought in a different way then my family. They seemed to always hold to their beliefs and the teachings of the prophet without fail. During this time I received a first hand look at the beliefs of the religion and their views on other religions. I thought it was odd how they could be sure enough that their religion was true, that any other belief system to them seemed outrageous.
As a child, I would bring home my friends and introduce them to my mom. the first question I was asked was,” Is he LDS?”. If I ever wanted my mother to approve of my friends, and even allow me to talk to them, they would have to be LDS.
This Closed minded thinking confused me as a child. I thought it was strange that I could only play with the kids who had the same belief as my family. It was because of this confusion that I did not let my mind be poisoned by my family’s belief system. This state of mind also allowed me to have a different view on all religions. I have come to some very interesting conclusions about them.
After some basic research and observation I found that throughout human history humans, as a species, have been afraid of the unexplained. To coupe with this constant fear they made their own explanations for the phenomenon. This seemed to lessen the fear and allow our thoughts to focus on survival.
This Cooping device did have its downfall. The humans of the past seemed to hold tight to these explanations, mainly because they were content with their current understanding. As a result of this many artist, inventors and philosophers where murdered due to their ideas and discoveries.
It seems that as time changed, our understanding of the world seemed to slightly grow; only halted by this Imprinted cooping device. How many people where burned at the stake for witchcraft just because they had a great idea or thought differently then others? This flaw in the human brain has been our downfall throughout our history, slowing the progress of knowledge and human development. This flaw, my friends, is where I have drawn my conclusion of the existence of any god, goddesses, or religious figures.
I would ask you to free your mind now. Think openly about the subject. The questions have been around since the beginning of time. “Who are we?”, “Why are we here”, and “Are we alone?” These questions are the basis in which god (goddesses, and any other religious figures) were formed, and why? It all comes back to that basic human flaw. It is an explanation for what we do not understand. Because of this explanation, people find themselves at peace “knowing” the answers to these questions.
So after all of our currant advances in science and technology do we still embrace our explanation of our existence? Even after finally embracing the fact that not everything is explained as “God did it”?
It is because we still fear the unknown. It is this fear that drives the human race to believe in a false figure, and put all of their trust in the hope that they will be “saved” after death. It is this thinking that I hope to cure the human race of. It is this human flaw that has placed the human race in a state of fear for all of these years. This thinking has stunted our growth, closed our minds, and dulled our senses.
Can you imagine where we would be today if we did not use up our potential in believing and worshiping false idols and gods or goddesses? We have wasted thousands of years of potential technological advances and knowledge of the world around us, all for a belief system that caused us to abandon our full mental ability and put a pause on our learning of the world. Instead we spent our time worshiping a byproduct of fear. When someone finally presented them with their wonderful invention or idea that could have changed the world, we burned, beheaded, or crucified them for blasphemy or witchcraft. These actions are a tragedy and disgrace to humanity, and should never be defended.
The goal of humanity should not be to hold on to these beliefs grown out of fear, but to shed them. If we are aware of this flaw then we can strive to change it. So please join me and millions others, as we strive to overcome this flaw in our evolution that causes more damage then it is worth. We must look at the world on reality’s terms, make our assessments and conclusions based on facts and evidence, and avoid jumping to conclusions or formulating our own. And most importantly, strive to keep our minds open to other ideas and views, not closing our minds and attempting to shut out or destroy others, but simply refute them based on evidence and testing.

Thank you for reading,
Shane L. Smith

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Can you imagine where we would be today if we did not use up our potential in believing and worshiping false idols and gods or goddesses?

You hit on a major theme of all my writing. Catch this from Mirror Reversal on how religion has stultified, hampered and fossilized the human potential

“Education is the only thing that can save us, Homer, but the world is benighted by religion and superstition, like we’re still livin’ in the Dark Ages. Our high schools are bad. Urban schools are so tough that most families with any money would rather pay for private or parochial school than free public schools. What’s that tell you? And the religious schools foist orthodoxy on the kids, but the real reason the kids are there is to escape the violence.”

Terence McKenna says the same thing. My friend, Dr. Lester Grinspoon Dean of Harvard Medical School, and the greatest educator of the century, Carl Sagan, once visited Terence on Maui—just to show his importance and emanence. Terence and Carl died tragically young.
I guess allot of people have already beat me to the punch! Thanks for commenting
The fact that diverse people come to the same conclusion makes it more likely to be true. That's the argument that religious people use. In the argument of Personal Incredulity, they conclude there has to be a God because everybody else believes it, and in history also. But before Copernicus, everybody believed the world was flat. They were all wrong.

His book must have been the most radical, mind-blowing, crazy book ever written. It stated your entire perception of the world is an optical illusion.
It's true, we seem to just run on power of authority.
Well I say "good for you, Shane". It's not easy for some to grasp enlightenment in a proverbial dark place. It couldn't have been easy stepping away from religious beliefs in as tightly defined community like the Mormons. One more person prepared to be educated in the REAL world. Thanks for your story and good luck to you. Keep us posted.
Thank you
You're preaching to the choir.
It's true that mankind has always feared what he does not know. There is 1 thing most human beings lack: COURAGE. My main theory is that if you do not understand something, you should go research it before drawing conclusions based on your first thoughts. But no, most can not or will not do that. However, when it comes to Humanitys Flaws - THERE ARE COUNTLESS OTHERS AS WELL. Greed, Pathelogical Lying, Lack Of Education, Little Communication Skills Between Nations, ect... Still, this one is by far the easiest to solve and the wise do not leap without something to catch their fall. I know solving this seems rather impossible as well but, start out small and tackle each problem by itself thus giving your undivided attention to the main task at hand.
you said it brotha'

Here's where humankind's downward slide began!
Ha! Good post! Your right, damn talking snakes....


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