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A debate as useful for Andrew and Sam as a bicycle for a fish.

Except, I suppose, it provides some exercise for a few billion synapses in their brains.

"Lake of Fire"?!  Oh, boy, that sounds so dreadful. I must stop lying.

So far this is my favorite:

The fact that the current pope freely uses terms like “reason” and “truth” does not at all guarantee that he is on good terms with the former, or would recognize the latter if it bit him.

Mr Martin,

I love Sam Harris's writings- I read that debate several weeks ago and it is really good stuff. I also wanted to mention that I have been thumbing through a book called "Seven Reasons you can Trust the Bible" by Erwin Lutzer (my Christian wife wastes her money on some of this stuff), who is a prominent Christian apologist. Mr Harris is a favorite whipping boy of his as well. It is, predictably, a book full of fallacious argruments, false and already dis-proven notions about science as understood by Bible believers, and out right lies about known,scientific facts such as evolution (calling it "impossible" and increasingly disbelieved by many scientists). But he especially tries to throw Mr Harris under the bus in several chapters. It is pretty funny, really.

Supposedly intelligent people disbelieve evolution.  I got to know Lou Reed (famous as leader of the Velvet Underground, a very influencial rock group) over a bottle of scotch in a hotel room one night and he thought evolution ridiculous.  I am unsure why; if I learned, I have forgotten.  I can think of a lot more than seven reasons why you CAN'T trust the Bible, but that might not have figured into Lou's equation. Might it have something to do with his admiration for the poet, Delmore Schwartz?

Interesting story -- thanks for the debate link.




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