If you have not been to the Landover Baptist Church site (http://www.landoverbaptist.org/), then you must go. You may actually wet on yourself from laughter. Read the Letters section, and it gets even better!

Also, look for the Better "God Tole Me to Hate You" Bowers link. PRICELESS!


- Roy

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Here's the Landover Baptist preacher giving a sermon at the 2002 American Atheists rally:


Great stuff.
Thanks for posting this.
What a hoot!!!!
The Official God FAQ

I had a couple of "friends" on LiveJournal remove me from their "friends" list when I posted this in my journal. I still think its funny.
Well, now I have to clean up my monitor. Never visit a link with a mouthful of tea.

Thanks, this is funny!

- Roy


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