This is a quote from Allen Watt.  One of the best speakers about religion on NPR.  If you don't believe me just read the book of Leviticus.  

Fundamentalist Christians raciest are the most none Christlike people in America.  I have been an Atheist since I was very young  but I have read the bible from front to back.  It is full of a lot of ideology similar to the Muslim Bible.  Stoning people, selling you children, not going near a woman who is having her cycle.

The only redeeming thing in it is Christ's teaching.  Love you neighbor, do unto others as you would want them to do to you.

How can Christians be so fucking hateful?    

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Well, without putting fear into someones heart, it is hard to control them. And the wise Yoda once said: (Ok, I added some. Poetic License.) "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. Suffering leads to despair. Despair leads to reckless yearning. And Reckless yearning leads to religion, aka the dark side of the force."
Religion is for cowards. All through the history of man religions have been made up for people who were afraid of dying. You rarely see a true intellectual who is a fundamentalist any thing. It is such a cop out. Everything that happens and if it doesn't make sense the leaders say that we cannot understand god's will.
Yoda was a great
The joke is on the Christians. They built a religion around a crazy guy who, they say, once cursed a tree for not being able to bare fruit out of season! Now who are the crazies?
Agreed! I have two fig trees...I don't curse them cause they are not making figs for me. I get my figs in August and that's that.

Love you neighbor, do unto others as you would want them to do to you was borrowed ,it's not something this imaginary jeebus came up with.

And then there is the end of the world bs where jeebus returns with a giant wine press and makes "rivers of blood" with all non believers..What a nice guy! :>P
You know my burning question as a child to this judgment thing, was What about all the natives running around in the rain forest in South America who never heard of Coca Cola much less jesus? Will they get smote just because they were born somewhere that never heard of jesus or the bible? I always felt like that was an asshole thing to do, and it just didn't add up to a kind and loving god. Then there were the other stories aforementioned which only added to my complete disregard of religion. It made no sense to me whatsoever! Couldn't escape my logic then, and it felt wrong to try..(like I was told to do) so I didn't. Non-believer and PROUD!! I was born atheist and I managed to stay that way!

My mother would explain this to me the following way:


All those natives will have a chance to come to know Jesus, whether they are told about him or whether he comes into their hearts on his own. 


I'm not making this up.  How could I?  How could anyone:(

She sounds like a Mormon.  They spend countless hours baptizing the dead.

We went to a baptist church when I was a child/teenager.  Once I left home, I never went to church again.

Mormons also marry the dead!
WOW haven't heard that one.
That sounds suspiciously like a good reason to commit them to a mental institution. We'll have to build one over the entire state of Utah, and evacuate out the few sane inhabitants.




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