This is a quote from Allen Watt.  One of the best speakers about religion on NPR.  If you don't believe me just read the book of Leviticus.  

Fundamentalist Christians raciest are the most none Christlike people in America.  I have been an Atheist since I was very young  but I have read the bible from front to back.  It is full of a lot of ideology similar to the Muslim Bible.  Stoning people, selling you children, not going near a woman who is having her cycle.

The only redeeming thing in it is Christ's teaching.  Love you neighbor, do unto others as you would want them to do to you.

How can Christians be so fucking hateful?    

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Matt, Belgian beer is indeed very fine. It is one of the reasons that Brussels is my favorite city in the world. But please, it is not at strong as whiskey. That is what I would call a delusional religious belief.

(I'd also add that the reason Belgian beer is so lovely is because of those bloody monks. Religion does have a purpose after all.)
Haha, I knew someone was going to call me on my bluff :p
Thanks for the effort of typing that all out. It was educational and has left me thirsty!!
Matt, they got burned and then raped?!  Things really were tough . . .
Ther first writings about jesus come from Paul twenty years or more after the supposed death of jesus. The first gospel doesn't show up until at least twenty years after that. I suggest people read rather than watch the history channel.
Maybe it pays to hate. Look at that baptist mob in I think in Kansas that HATE gay people. They seem to make enough money to attend the funerals of soldiers to errr..present their views. They must have a tax free income. Why are they or any other organisation that does nothing, like 99% of churches, enjoy a tax free status. Maybe the tax office loves those who hate, spread hate and are hateful.
was'nt one of the nazarene's goatherders a tax collector, surely some conflict of interest!
The only redeeming thing in it is Christ's teaching. Love you neighbour, do unto others as you would want them to do to you.

And he wasn't even being original. Aside from statin' the perfectly bleedin' obvious, Confucious beat the son of god to the publishing deadline by a good 500 years or so.

Ancient Egypt even has a version dating to somewhere between two-thousand and 1.5 thousand years before Christ was "born" (allegedly)

Instead of appearing to a bunch of illiterates in the desert, God might have thought about organising his divine revelation in China. They'd been writin' stuff down for about a thousand years before he turned up and did all his magic tricks and plagiarised massively.
If the bible only said things like love your neighbor ete it would be ok. The evil part make the sum total evil.
At the risk of being the contrarian here, I disagree that the Bible is "evil." The Bible is a book that is a compilation of oral stories handed down from primitive nomadic generation to primitive nomadic generation. Ultimately, these stories were written down by Bronze Aged superstitious people who dwelled in rival and warring city states. Later it was (and still is) edited by others from a different backgrounds, cultures, and languages - adding and detracting as they saw fit. There is nothing inherently more "evil" about these stories than there is with "The Epic of Gilgamesh," or the writings of the Hittites, ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Sumerians, or other societies of this time. They all reveled in the glories of war, the destruction they wreaked on their enemies, the bountiful number of slaves and virgins their armies had captured, all of which was for the glory of their king and gods (sometimes one in the same). In fact, if you want a fascinating account of a coup d’etat and internecine warfare revolving around an oriental despot circa 1000 BCE, read Second Samuel about David whose son, Absalom, overthrew him.

Objects made by man, are neither good nor evil. To give them anthropomorphic character is to do the same as the believers. It is how those objects are used after we create them. The real evil lies in the humans that interpret these Bronze Age superstitions, legends, and historical accounts to persecute their fellow humans. Want to see where real good and evil lie? Look in a mirror. It’s us - humans - people. To paraphrase something I heard or read somewhere (can’t remember the author to give credit to the quote), “It’s not God I have a problem with. It’s his fan club.” I would say the same about the Bible and its adherents.
The results of believing the Bible are evil. I truly believe the next war will be caused by people who believe the bible, the Koran and the Torea (can find the correct spelling). If you think incest, stoning people, is OK. But I stand by my original statement. I suppose I should have said the RESULT of believing the bible causes evil
The results of believing the Bible are evil.

I could not agree more. I would expand that to include the Torah, Q'uran, the Book of Mormon, and all the other "holy books" written by humans, but believed by their followers to be divine inspiration. Though, I might make an exception for The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.



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