I had to put the classifier in the title, so everyone would know that I was talking about the mini-series , and not "The Good Book", because a sequel to "The Good Book" would be highly illogical. (Note the irony there, because the buy-bull itself is highly illogical.) And I thought doing a sequel to "The Bible" mini-series would also be impossible, but, apparently, I was wrong. Anyway, the sequel will be called "A.D.: Beyond the Bible", and it will air on NBC.  And while "The Bible" was a huge hit for The History Channel, it seems to me that they're setting up  "A.D.:  Beyond the Bible" up for failure by airing it on NBC. (NBC is often referred "Numbskull Broadcasting Company" [A play on what it actually stands for, the National Broadcasting Company], "Nothing But Crap", and "No Body Cares.")


I personally think this is a strange  idea. That being said, I did watch the original "Bible" mini-series, out of curiosity, and I might just end up watching "A.D.: Beyond the Bible" out of curiosity too.


Your thoughts? 

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Networks will do anything for a rating. Apparently the nutworks (eh, networks) are aware that many fundy mentalists are still around. Some kind of "mentalist" anyway. Back in the days when I would buy all that bull, it was a joy to see Moses part that Red Sea. What a thrill to see it all brought to life! Then "No Way" built an ark prior to that and took a pair of every creature aboard as the world was destroyed by water. Good luck with that one. He would still be collecting them today, but the gullible wants to claim "god made all those creatures go to Noah." Yep, that's how it was done. Anything to keep believing their delusions!

One of the biggest problems with religion is that people simply cannot admit that they DO NOT know something. It bothers people eternally that they do not know. What is the solution? They simply make it up! Then they stick to their Buybull belief even if they have to claim "it isn't done that way today." SURPRISE! It never was done that way. It's a myth. It's allegory. It's bullshit!

Not at all surprised. The History Channel garnered a lot of $$$ with the airing of the Big Book of Jewish and Christian Fairy Tales. Why not the dying peacock network? They desperately need the dough. As to a sequel, the Old Testament is a sequel to the tribal myths and legends of the bronze and iron ages. The New Testament is a sequel to the Old Testament. The Koran is a sequel to the Old and New Testaments, and the Book of Mormon is a spin off.  Come to think of it, there have been more spin offs of western holy books than bad sitcoms. NBC is doing what they do best; which is absolutely nothing original.

In my younger years I never missed one of the biblical movies largely because they depicted gory and slaughter, huge chariot and sword battles and all the crap in which every adolescent (mostly male) wallow .

As it effected my "belief"?  Not a whit - it was just a story - period.  It was part of the whole  - "there is a super daddy.....up there .....somewhere ... watching 7 billion 'souls'" song and dance.

I actually watched all but the last episode.  I was surprised that the slaughter, genocide, and other human depravities was included ( and glorified ) in the production. But then, the OT is, for the most part, a political scree justifying the Israelite rights to territory - roughly modern Israel .  

This is the Bible parts 5 and 6, from "The Cult of Dusty".  Definitely not safe for work.    You can go to you tube and find the other parts by searching on "The Cult of Dusty Bible".  I love this version, didn't watch the History Channel version.





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