How many people here just can't wait to watch The Bible on History channel tonight?

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when it comes to 'god' movies I prefer Clash of the Titans, much more believable.

Especially the original with the realistic mechanical owl!

The Man From Earth was an interesting movie.

Mom raised me as an atheist

but she likes going to church now

Theists like non theists.. no reason the reverse can't happen

Hey Pat,


The first link did not work for me (brought up a search engine but no quotes), but the second revealed some truly scary stuff!


Here's just one...


Atheists are a piece of crap. They hate God and I hate them. They are a nuisance to society. We need a Hitler who annihilates them.


There are, when I looked, 193 pages of this vitriol. And that, I'm sure, represents just a minor fraction of theists who happened to stumble across that website in order to vent. Yikes!

I liked watching the first part.  It's important we're educated on this disease that afflicts so many, and this was their BEST attempt to explain it to us.

Yes it was painfully obvious how we made the whole thing up -but to others, they do believe it to be history. 

I'd like to point out that no one has seen biblical fire from the sky, spontaneous rivers of blood, or people being turned into salt licks in quite a long time... (or ever).

Maybe some believers will change their minds after watching it.

When I saw it was produced by Roma Downey (Touched by an Angle series) and her husband Mark Burnett producer of SurvivorCelebrity ApprenticeThe VoiceThe Job, and Shark Tank I knew it would be fodder for believers only.  Apparently Downey and Burnett decided to do the series after watching Cecil B Demille's the Ten Commandments with Charlston (from my cold dead hand) Heston as Moses.  As far being historically accurate Monty Pytons's The Life of Brian is by far the winner. 

I just became familiar with those two psychos this morning on "Sunday Morning".  It looks like they've made quite a few religious shows.  I only watched them for a short time because the irritation became too great.

Am I going to watch any of it?  HE double hockey-sticks NO!  Two big thumbs, 8 fingers and ten toes down on that piece of garbage.

Some people think the depiction of Satan in "The Bible" looks like Obama.  DailyMail.   Accident?  Coincidence?  Making an underhanded point?

Or a combination of pareidolia and wishful thinking?

I find it hard to believe it was an "accident"  I find it interesting that the devil was black since they used a Middle Eastern actor in black face for the role.




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