How many people here just can't wait to watch The Bible on History channel tonight?

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Definitely not accidental. African features whether sub-Saharan or Mediterranean Africa, have long been viewed as evil compared to biblical "white folks", who are in truth Semitic. But these facial features are entirely Obama-esque other than age and weathering.

It just confirms how disgraceful and faith propagandist the H channel is, yuk.

I like this version. Language not safe for work. At least, not where I work.



And this continuation


I very much like this version.

He's my new favorite christian!  I almost never laugh aloud, but I did with these videos.  The amazing thing is, they really do describe the bible stories accurately.

Yes they do.

Just cover your body with that shame!  Seriously, they should hang their heads so low they can get a close look at their bellybuttons.

history gone fiction channel

Well, the whole series so far has been a greatly sanitized and "spiritually correct" version of this tedious, disjointed and absurd book reputed to be the literal an unerring word of an unseen, omnipotent force that exists in the minds of people suffering mass delusion.

I love it when in the story of Lot all the males in the town (Sodom) arrive at Lot's doorstep demanding to bugger the angels he is harboring. In the Bible Lot literally offers the sexually obsessed mob his own daughter which the mob dismisses. Why was the critical event changed? Obviously it just didn't feel right with the story that Christians want to know and remember.

You can bet that in tonights episode that the producers will do their level best to out "Mel Gibson" the the epoch torture, scourging and Crusifiction. American Christianity has become more obsessed with Christ and the Passion as a death cult since the 70's and the Jesus movement.

Regardless, I am looking forward to my next episode of the Vikings





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