The Big Bang Doesn't Deserve Your Faith. It Also Doesn't Deserve Your Tax Money.

I once heard a Unitarian minister say Unitarianism is for people who haven't kicked the church habit.

The Big Bang is for people who haven't kicked the faith habit.

It has preachers. They make claims. They spend billions of taxpayers' money looking for evidence and publish press releases claiming to have found it. The only peer reviews their claims get are by their fellow preachers. 

And they have their faithful, who have yet to kick their faith habit.

If there is a faith gene I'm one of thousands who don't have it. Many of us studied electrical engineering.

The Big Bang will become history when Congress stops spending taxpayer money on it.

Forty five years ago I was one of many who helped stop the flow of taxpayers' money to those who wanted to dam rivers. It was a struggle.

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Most who? Scientists or non-scientists?

Anti-science xians use the word “theory” to attack science, saying “It’s just a theory”.

Guess I'll have to check that. I don't remember hearing it referred to as other than a theory. And I have a B.Sc. in environmental science.

”Do You Need The Universe To Have Had A Beginning?”

Jothan, several years ago I used that query to open a discussion at another atheist website. One guy surprised me with a one-word reply, “Yes.”

I thanked him and in time learned that he was a highly intelligent man.

Xianity (12 years in Catholic schools) left marks in my mind too. In a memoir I wrote about becoming an atheist, I told of getting rid of them. I kept one mark, a love of the sound of a large pipe organ in a theater-like space playing jazz or classical music.

I don't understand what you are trying to say here.

Which part of what I said do you not understand?

Why did he give the one word reply "Yes"?

I didn’t ask. In what he has said since I heard a finality that told me the matter is closed.

Holy Cotton-picking FSM!

The data from NASA space missions are proving hundreds of Bangers’ predictions wrong, and proving EUers’ predictions right.

However, count on the Banger religion’s demi-gods to fight hard to keep their taxpayer-subsidized salaries. Starting taxpayer-subsidized programs (dam builders, weapons makers, highway builders, etc) isn’t easy. Stopping them is harder.

The EU sounds reasonable to me. I'm trying to think of a way they would go about testing it.

What do you know of electricity, Jotham?

Researchers—many are electrical engineers—need only scale the voltages and currents measured in space down to the amounts we use on earth and almost everything can be tested. From their tests they can and do predict electrical events in space.

Youtube clips at tell of research that has been done. Many clips are short, around ten to fifteen minutes. 

Some of them deal with climate change on other planets. Use the Youtube search bar to find them. I understand that space weather researchers have some news for earth weather researchers. 

I don't know much about electricity. I know how to make a current work, that's about it.

I've only found four lines of evidence they use for the big bang.

Red Shift, atomic makeup signature, background radiation, less organized galaxies further away.

Is there anything else? Cause I wouldn't call that "overwhelming evidence"




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