The Big Bang Doesn't Deserve Your Faith. It Also Doesn't Deserve Your Tax Money.

I once heard a Unitarian minister say Unitarianism is for people who haven't kicked the church habit.

The Big Bang is for people who haven't kicked the faith habit.

It has preachers. They make claims. They spend billions of taxpayers' money looking for evidence and publish press releases claiming to have found it. The only peer reviews their claims get are by their fellow preachers. 

And they have their faithful, who have yet to kick their faith habit.

If there is a faith gene I'm one of thousands who don't have it. Many of us studied electrical engineering.

The Big Bang will become history when Congress stops spending taxpayer money on it.

Forty five years ago I was one of many who helped stop the flow of taxpayers' money to those who wanted to dam rivers. It was a struggle.

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As I mentioned before, the galaxies appear to be all moving away from a central point. That central point being earth. That is enough to question the theory.

If they were, if fact, moving from a central point and we were not that central point, galaxies inline with ours and said point but closer to the point should have less red shift and galaxies for which we are the in between galaxy should have more red shift. Galaxies to either side of us should have almost no red shift.

That is, of course, why the idea of the universe expanding like a ball of bread dough came up. In that idea, everything is moving away from everything else. 

Jotham, that galaxies APPEAR to be moving away from a central point is due to an unsupported hypothesis.

Sound moves in air because variations in air pressure move in air, and moving sources of sound either compress or stretch these variations.

Light being either particles or waves does not allow a hypothesis that either of the above are true, but Big Bangers hypothesised an analogy.

They use that unsupported hypothesis to support other hypotheses.

In short:

In sound, Doppler shifts are SUPPORTED hypotheses.

In light, red and blue shifts are UNSUPPORTED hypotheses.

Edwin Hubble said he doubted that red shift measured recessional velocity, but LeMaitre ignored Hubble’s doubt and used red shiftt to support Genesis.

Xians needed evidence for Genesis and they seized LeMaitre’s conclusion.

My sources include the free PDF file available at

That is a good point. Has anyone tried to reproduce a red shift using the Doppler effect?

Not reproduce, Jotham, but infer.

That requires a bit of explanation.

When a sound source (an auto horn, for instance) is moving farther away, the sound waves are stretched. The more the sound waves are stretched, the faster the sound's source is moving. The ear hears these stretched waves as having a lower pitch, or frequency.

From that, without evidence, Bangers inferred, or concluded:

1. when light waves are stretched the light source is moving away.

2. the more the light waves are stretched, the faster the light source is moving away.

If the link below works, then after a brief ad you will will see and hear more on the above.

BTW:  The red shift is not from human vision, it is from spectrum analysers, so we have instruments that measure light frequencies and thus human optics is no longer a limitation.

We know our vision is limited, that is why we have instrumentation to reduce any such limitations. 

Just as we have microscopes and telescopes that allow the human vision to see from microns to light years.

So sensory limitations are no longer an issue.

Dawg, you don’t understand instrumentation.

The electronics engineers who design the electric circuits for spectrum analysers put mathematics into their circuits that approximates the red shift hypothesis.

And because the hypothesis that red shift measures recessional velocity is not supported by evidence (Hubble himself expressed doubt), you have a garbage in garbage out instrument.

Big Bangers believe their unsupported hypothesis the way theists believe an unsupported piece of their religious doctrine, so they believe their spectrum analyzer is giving them gospel. 

Electronics is my field of expertise and spectrum analysers don't discriminate.

And it is not spectrum analysers that they used to get the red shift as spectrum analysers are used for determining the contents of gases, but frequency analysers from radio telescopes and , the wavelength of light detected is in the red spectrum, and can be analysed without a spectrum analyser, so the light frequencies reaching us from those galaxies are in the red spectrum and that can be checked by multiple means for validation.   The Doppler effect is valid. 

They pick up all colours according to their intensity and that can be checked against the radio frequency received by radio telescopes for validation.

Our vision discriminates, in that it intensifies yellows and greens and we cannot see ultraviolet, yet if we had our lens removed, we would see a totally different spectrum, and ultraviolet, the world looks different without the lens.

Have a look at this video.

This map doesn't fit well in the big bang model of the universe.

Jotham, I looked at it twice and the scenes showing the Milky Way persuaded me that it was a well-executed computer animatiion. We mortals won’t ever have a vehicle that can approach and go around our home galaxy at the speed portrayed.

Changing gears, have you seen any of NASA’s Astronomy Photos/Pictures of the Day. You can find them by searching on “nasa apod’ or “NASA APOD’. The pic changes each day, at about nine pm I think. I use them as my browser’s home page so I see a pic each time I go on the web.

Dawg, a science teacher’s saying something is evidence is not evidence.

That’s true of religion teachers too.

Your Premise 0, teachers always tell the truth, is not true.

Here are Edwin Hubble's words in the 1937 Royal Astronomical Society Monthly Notices:

“If the red shifts are a Doppler shift . . . the observations as they stand lead to the anomaly of a closed universe, curiously small and dense, and, it may be added, suspiciously young.

“On the other hand, if red shifts are not Doppler effects, these anomalies disappear and the region observed appears as a small, homogeneous, but insignificant portion of a universe extended indefinitely in both space and time.“




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