The Big Bang Has Died But Governments Move Slowly So Don't Look for the Obits This Year

The 2014 PBS video Particle Fever provides some spoken evidence.

The script again and again has characters saying, in varying words, the Large Hadron Collider's search for the Higgs boson was the Big Bang's last gasp. If it fails they have nothing, and LHC staff says it has failed.

I was one of the many who refused to swallow the religion-like ex nihilo story: that the mass of the entire universe once occupied a space smaller than one of the particles invented by today's particle physicists.

The astronomers who in the 1930s first heard and refused to swallow the ex nihilo story?

In those highly religious times, after states had outlawed the teaching of evolution in public schools, they wanted to do science; they did not want to take on the Genesis story.

Here are four websites you can visit as your time permits. You won't need any math.

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The big band is dead. Long live the big bang.

Bert, I was thinking of adding that but I first want to ask some UKers what they mean when they say that about their monarchs.

Per Wiki it started with the frogs but got generalized.

 The seemingly contradictory phrase is used to simultaneously announce the death of the previous monarch and assure the public of continuity by saluting the new monarch.[3]

Loose translation - one asshole down but tyranny lives on.


The Big Bang is dead. Long live the Electric Universe.

Translation: Don't go out where a lightning bolt will dig what looks like an impact crater but hurls the debris and your charred remains out into space.

I have idiots arguing with me on the Net constantly that claim I believe in the "big bang" and evolution. They can't understand it when I tell them that if these ideas are proven wrong tomorrow it does not mean a "god did it." Once such person is laughing at me right now because he thinks this means I do believe in a god. How utterly ignorant.

As for the universe being plasma and electric, the most I can say is that we "see" about 6% of everything and the rest is dark matter or dark energy. As I understand it, this is the "nothing" that they say the universe was formed from. Who knows really? It means our current understanding is based on that 6% and this shows we have a lot to learn.




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