the black humour of god - this just in from the BBC - John Paul II crucifix crushes man in northern Italy

This just in from BBC. I wonder how they are going to rationalise god killing one of his own. Black humour at it's best!

John Paul II crucifix crushes man in northern Italy

A 21-year old man has died after being crushed by a crucifix erected in honour of Pope John Paul II in northern Italy.

Marco Gusmini was killed instantly and one other man taken to hospital, Italian media reported.

Part of the 30m-high (100ft) sculpture collapsed at a ceremony ahead of the Pope's canonisation. John Paul II and his predecessor, Pope John XXIII, are due to be declared saints on Sunday.

The crucifix commemorates the Pope's visit to the area in 1998.

The installation, near the town of Cevo, was designed as a large curved cross with a statue of Jesus Christ, weighing 600kg (1,320lb), fixed to the top.

A group of children was reported to be in attendance at the time.

The cross was designed by sculptor Enrico Job and was created for John Paul II's visit to nearby Brescia.

The two popes will be declared saints at the Vatican on Sunday.

It is not the first death caused by a falling crucifix in Italy.

In 2004, the Associated Press reported that a 72-year old woman had been crushed to death by a 7ft-tall metal crucifix in the town of Sant'Onofrio in the south of the country.

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That's really a hoot. Definate proof that religion is harmful.

I wonder if this is one of those miracles that helps get you elevated to sainthood?  No?

Well John Paul II was short one miracle, and the big guy, apparently getting senile, seems to be having a hard time pulling them off theses days.  Maybe this was the best he could do.

He kills in mysterious ways.

That's just funny.
Okay, I do hate it for the mans family but I still think it's funny.
@bl , god was calling him home for a higher purpose.
Ain't you ever been to church? Lol

And Thou raised a huge ass cross in thy pope's name only for it to extinguish the life of the poor man under neath it. all joke's aside that fucking sucks i feel for this guy's family.

Especially at age 21.  He was just getting started.

It's a damn shame, and religion or the lack thereof doesn't come into that.

I'm not an engineer but this thing looks and apparently was an accident waiting to happen.  You can see from the video on the right that Jesus was all broken up over it.


Well, I AM an engineer ... and was that vertical spar WOOD?!?  The sheared-off section sure looks like it, with a large cantilevered load and no apparent internal reinforcement.  Throw in some additional stress in the form of wind and yeah, you got a serious problem brewing.


Yes, in the Buybull Jebus said not to eat with Shriners or Republicans. (Just throwing that in.)

It does go to show that a t shaped cross is something inherently unstable, whereas an X shaped one would be a little bit more sensible for those clever Romans to use....




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