“The Catholic Church Should Be Left Dead in Bankruptcy.”

So said Shep Smith on Fox News at noon on August 28, talking with a Pennsylvania state attorney about the recent grand jury report on sexual abuse and its cover up.

Smith said that fate would face corporations that did what the Church has done.

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Bankruptcy is a protection that affords a fresh start and chance to restructure debt and continue to operate.

Catholic Church ought to be dismantled, its wealth redistributed, and its prelates discredited and exposed, its criminal priests disclosed as predators.

Frankie, if laws exist that will result in the dismantling, redistributing, discrediting, exposing and disclosing you suggest, your plan has my vote. Some imprisoning will help.

Some time back, I talked about a "Shoes of the Fisherman" moment for the Catholic Church.  The circumstances of that movie were entirely different from those which occur in the current day, and they don't take into account the perfidies of Boston and Pennsylvania which have come to light, never mind the hundreds of not thousands of other locales where the Church has violated the integrity of its congregants.

That said, I agree with Frankie.  The Holy See doesn't deserve the protection of Chapter 11 or 13 or even Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  They Deserve To Be RUINED.

Loren, how does being ruined, in caps and bolded, differ from:

1) being left dead in bankruptcy, or

2) what Frankie suggests?

I admire its brevity. : >}

The law in its infinite wisdom punishes equally the rich man and the poor man for stealing a loaf of bread. 

Further the law has reserved its fury for bad actors such as slaves who have had African ancestors. When in 1850 the fugitive slave act was passed it rightfully recognized blacks as property and it was deemed a crime punishable by fine and imprisonment to harbor an escaped slave. Imagine the temerity of property wanting its freedom! 

The chances of going Henry the 8th on the church is nearly zero. Instead we see fit to give the church tax exempt status. After all it is not easy to conceal rape on such a massive scale. We must reward such ingenious prestidigitation!

Frankie, since you doubt the ability of law to achieve your purposes, and since you lack the requisite army, will you settle for bankruptcy?

I don’t want to pursue the perfect, or what satisfies me emotionally, if by doing I will miss the possible.

I lack seriousness. Don't know, can't say.

However i recommend receivership instead of bankruptcy. A bankruptcy filed for a corporation under chapter 7 with the intent of liquidation can be converted to a chapter 11 for reorganization. (i was a bankruptcy lawyer)

Long time ago i predicted USA would legalize marijuana. That is happening. But the death knell of Catholicism? Hell to the no. It will end same time as civilization ends or rather we as a species end.

Frankie, if you lack seriousness, you certainly have style.

To do the research for a book on parliamentary law in the 1980s, I learned how to use a law library and used Shepard to track parliamentary usages.

There may someday be a computer able to put literary ideas into Shepard volumes. The raw materials perhaps exist; Google some years ago set out to scan the world’s literature into computer files but encountered copyright problems.

Tom, you could have avoided pain of using Shepard's by throwing self on the mercy of a law librarian. 


I am projecting...hated legal research




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