the cheerful of being cheated, is still looking for evidence of not being cheated, why?

Religion is like a game of thoughts, it is a game of what we believe in or not believe in, I don't believe some materious power exists without science fountain, so never admit there is super power for minkind .

I was trying to  believe  in what the Bible said, and then have the feeling of above cheated,but hope more evidence to be cheated again. Here it is not attackness to Christan, it is statemet of  changing  my ability of unbelieving and believing, I just want to find something true.

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I agree with you Selen, but I don't want to over-generalise, (not all people are the same). I have read a few accounts written by new Christians of how they came to Christianity, and I found that mostly they are prompted into belief by some small aspect of their lives. After that, these people seem to take on most of the dogma and values of the religion, without due regard for reason or rational argument.

Some small thing gets them to say to themselves: 'OK, there must be a god'. After that they latch onto almost the whole of the religion, (over time - as they learn of the details). They don't even seem to query whether it should be the god of Islam, or of Judaism, or of some other religion that they should adopt.

After that, they seem to interpret everything in such a way as to support the religion which they have adopted.

It seems to be a cultural thing as to which religion they first adopt, (the details of the gods in these various religions do NOT tally up to the same thing - at least not to me).
Thanks, Your oppinion is objective to me. and I have some wrong words in it,such as mankind,not minkind,christian, not christan,mysterious not materious, I am trying to type what I want to say here, thank your kindness. I will try better.




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