I find the whole act of 'suppressing evil' or the great red dragon asleep in the pit to be the absolute source of all my amusement. If I fear and surpress my own moments of 'ill nature' I find I can make bulbs pop. Although it may seem humorous, it is interesting to see how many 'beyond human' capabilities are born from the suppression of 'so-called' evil thinking. One thing is certain though, I love the human race so they really do get my best face (good manners, proper restraint) BUT..none of them know me intimately. How true the neccessity for moral behavior. Any good looking woman is thankful for this working system. I have seen very intellegent, upright men go off into the woods and disappear; start urinating on everything. My question is how far should we take this idea of 'Freedom'. There is still so much of the beast within them. FACT!

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I get nervous when other people start musing about limiting my freedom because people do bad things. I think when having a discussion like this, people should speak for themselves when talking about evil actions. I hear people say too often that because "people" are evil, "we" should limit their freedom. As if "I" am not part of "people," and perhaps it's possible that the only people who aren't evil are my friends and me. "Other people" don't exist, except figuratively.

However, police officers do exist. And the pieces of paper that tell them what to do. So when I want to discuss this, I cannot forget that I should be asking myself what I want the police to do to me (since I already acknowledge the right of others to protect themselves from me). I should never forget what I think is okay to do to police officers and people in Special Suits. Or if it should be any different for Special Suits and the rest of my neighbors, and if it is, what good is my opinion then?

As far as speaking for myself, I know "how far to take freedom." It all has to do with my values, and how I prioritize them. Evaluating the best course of action towards these priorities. And evaluating the priorities themselves, to see how rational they are. If that's not limiting my own freedoms, I don't know what is then.

I don't know how "good-looking" I am, but I'm also glad that "other people" naturally understand how to prioritize some values and evaluate actions, since I can't tell you how much space of mine has been violated by people I've passed on the street. Everybody looks like prey to someone. That's why it's good to be smart. Sometimes you can't kick someone else in the balls for being a predator, or else you find yourself outmatched. But most of the time it's good for my own psyche to yell something insulting back. You gotta weigh the risks to get what you want.
I was just talking about this very thing with other people today. They made me the third angle in their business transaction. I gave them my purely objective viewpoint: based on my own deep convictions and they were 'uncertain' as to what I meant. I truely would not step in with any personal motive ie. defend this one's view over the other, blah blah... you know what I am am saying. I never want to get pulled into others chaos. I don't know if you can see the significance of this and how it applies to your response but it really does. I agree with your protecting your own right to reason based on your own priorities. THAT makes you, to me, a free thinker. I am glad I am no longer called upon to kick anyone in the nuts. Life is good. It is curious though to be in a place so different than I am used to (ball kicking arena) and wonder why people seem so nice and are shocked when I raise my voice above a wisper and yell out stuff like..."Excuse me...I specifically said..no sugar?" Or in the post office when I was NOT next in line but yelled to the man behind the counter "Is this line also for package pickup?" They were all in shock...No road rage, no flipping off other drivers..it's like the twilight zone and yes, very religious. What a culture shock coming here from Miami City. WOW!
Suppression really works wonders. Just look at -

* Sexual puritanism - honour killings, paedophile priests and general sexual violence

* Drug puritanism - chrystal meth, crack, ice. What is interesting to note is that these drugs are not new. The hippies used to home bake them all the time, I even have old High Times with recipes, and there were never any real problems. Its taken the "War on Drugs" to turn them into the nightmare they are now.

People often complain there is no respect for authority nowadays (always "nowadays", could be 20 years ago, a 100, or right now. Always "nowadays" like its something new). I counter that with stop making stupid laws and persecuting people for trivia, then there will be no reason not to respect authority.

Amber Fajardo: How true the neccessity for moral behavior. Any good looking woman is thankful for this working system. I have seen very intellegent, upright men go off into the woods and disappear; start urinating on everything.

What in the hell are you babbling about ?
Would you like me to explain? I see that was a short-sighted atatement. Do you realize the huge differences in the northern and southern parts of the US? I am going to say this although I am not in the habit of discussing personal experience too often. It really is shockingly backwards in many ways. I am used to people such as yourself with insights and oppinions. Either the world totally removes the archaic terms 'God and Sin' from the bible and peoples vocabulary, or I will continue to live in two places (contrasting) I suppose this also screams a duality though. Good place, evil place. Understand my predictiment? All you can really do is stay seperate. I come hear (atheist Nexus) for a good dose of sanity. I have one book published and another soon to be. I do not want my writing to turn 'dystopian' so as I said, I stick to myself. I am a firm believer that a change in location does not produce a rosier outlook. But if you have one, and a sense of gratitude for having surpassed whatever awful life experience you may have had, you really aught to protect your right to happiness, no? I am so TIRED of whiney america. Back to the point you emphasized, I will not go back to a 'primitive' way of life. Man embodies some most amazing qualities; intelligence, courage, insight, etc: and I will never find myself in any place where these are less than evident.
Yes, but what has this to do with "urinating on everything" ?
I am going to answer this because it seems to be a 'stuck' statement for you. I was out yesterday and I was thinking about what you had said regarding what appears to be a repetitous theme. All through out history the same thing; the result a depressed landscape. You glimpsed something there. What is it that produces this 'saddened' wave of thought; the same theme again and again? Is it really brought about by outward circumstance? Is there a constant need for things to be better? Is this perhaps just a mindset; something people refuse to let go of of, their right to commisorate? I don't know. It seems too big for me to handle. It is what lies behind poverty and the outcome many systems with their 'saving' outstretched hands. Are you angered by the remark in question? GOOD! Can we at least prove that it is okay to argue and clear the air? Maybe I have a bit of 'old victorianism' in me and that is the reason for my shocking statement. Ya know, if men actually saw their employment as a demonstration of thier capabilities; the use of their own hands, their limitless potential, it would not forever send them, desiring to seperate themselves, off into the woods where they demonstrate a kind of self governement, away from a functioning (mal or no) society and an established system that is of course always in transition. Maybe what is extraneous to our own thinking is 'transitory'. Does that sound too, whats the word, Exastential? I, for one, will admit (and here is the point I was trying to make) I do not want to live without all the things man has invented. I will conqure every aspect of the computer system; as an example. I love to conqure everything in this experience. Never will I admit defeat or say "It's too hard for me." Thats one of the reasons I hate charity. How can anyone move forward within their own demonstration if everytime you do a victory dance and it makes you happy, someone is attracted to your smile and level of confidance and concider you right off the bat to be their solution. Nobody helped me. I never accepted any charity. I used my own hand. I really do not desire to be receptive of common humanity. I am not 'the second coming' I have had to be firm with people since i got here. I even had a fight with an old woman who lived next door to me...I moved. These are my means and modes that will lead me to the right functioning society and lift me out of the primitive zone. Once again, I agree with your objective oppinion as to the repititous misery theme. In other words i saw you as above it or you would not have been able to depict it. GREAT! Do you now understand the 'urination' analogy? I will keep talking if you want me to. LOL chatter is a sign of happiness. Men hate it, women love it! LOL




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