It creeps me out.  Hard to say much - after all, there are posts and a group on Nexus for the Atheist Party.  

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I took a look at website for the Christian Party of America.  Not sure of the exact connection, but the convicted fraud and con man Porter Stansberry has his hand in it. For those who have seen the gloom and doom advertisement on TV, Stansberry's the one behind the prediction of the collapse of the US. Cue in deep male voice with intensity.  "He predicted the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac....and the the thing is, he's usually right."  Yeah, that one. Since America didn't collapse in 2011, he's got a new one called "2012-2013 The Beginning of the End of America" since it didn't quite work out for him last year.

The guy promotes eschatology to con unwitting rubes out of their money. And, what better rubes to prey on than fundamentalist Xtians who have this perverse and orgasmic desire for the "end times" with mass destruction, suffering and death to fulfill their dreams about magic Jesus returning from the clouds. 

I almost feel sorry for the idiots that give this guy money. Almost.

Hmph ... the christian party of America?  Why would they BOTHER?  They've GOT the GOP!  What else do they need?!?

What else do they need? Well, when belief in: trans-vaginal medical rape, stories of Kenyan born Muslims having secret cabals in the Oval office, destroying the middle class in favor of oligarchs, conspiratorial agendas of LGBTs to make all the little children immoral, a War on Christmas, an educational system that promotes bronze aged barbaric superstition over science, just isn't batshit extreme enough for you, there's always the Christian Party of America.

This is one of their keynote speakers - Patrick Wooden - gay men will lead to the extinction of the human race, and gay men have to wear diapers because of anal sex.



Sorry, won't watch the video (aversion to bullshit!) ... but DIAPERS?!?  Man, I guess these idiots still think that The Big Lie works ... and for people who can't be bothered to think for themselves, I guess it still can.

I did listen to it. Thanks SB. Now I can't eat lunch. Seriously, this guy reminds me of Michelle Bachman's husband. And what do you secretly fantasize about when you're all alone, Dr. Wooden?




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