The Christian Right Is Scoring Big Political Victories, State by State

I hate to appear alarmist, but there’s a real "make your day" article in AlterNet News today.

 The article more or less equates the decline of liberalism with the downfall of secularism, and it seems to me there’s a lot of truth to the notion.  

A brief sample from the article:

Christian totalitarians seek to transform America’s secular democracy into a tyrannical theocracy. From Oklahoma to North Carolina, from Kansas to Kentucky, state legislatures have been turned into theocratic test tubes, and now we helplessly watch Frankenstein’s monster hatch.


One of my favorite columnists has a section titled Things That Make Me Want to Guzzle Anti-freeze. As Charlie Pierce would say, A double Prestone on the rocks, please.

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The problem here is in keeping up with the Jones'. Muslims were behind 9/11 and the christian right said "they are getting ahead of us." The fundies in America realized that Muslims want Shiria law, so to counter all the nonsense going on the religious right has to try and put their religion into your politics, your constitution, your school, and your breakfast cereal. The alternative was to go into Muslim countries and bomb things and blow things up to make a "might and religion" statement, but nobody could see that happening. Digging deeper into our "christian roots" the message to Islam and everybody else seems to be "it's not going to happen here." Agree with me or not, you have to admit that the American right went batshit crazy after 9/11. They are as fanatical as the Islamists.

@Michael They are as fanatical as the Islamists.

You are 100% right about that. It's  the fundamentalists of all stripes that are the source of the real crazy, although I agree with Sam Harris that religious "moderates" are enabling the crazies and should be called out as well.

The American Right started the whole batshit trip back in 1980, when dear Ronnie all but invited the Religious Reich into the political process, with the likes of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson at the top of the guest list.  9/11 just added gasoline to the fire and Obama's election much the same.  Calling these people, "spoiled brats" insults real spoiled brats.  They don't play well with others and their motto might as well be, "My way or the highway."

The Newsroom's Will McAvoy called The TEA Party, "The American Taliban."  I thought the moniker fit back when I first saw that episode, and there has been nothing in the intervening time to alter my opinion.

The Newsroom's Will McAvoy called The TEA Party, "The American Taliban."  

The Newsroom - Tea Party is the American Taliban

I'm Tweeting and Facebooking, with attribution to you. 

Loren, you and I have an almost identical philosophy. A live and let live mentality. I do not understand why people want to get up in others lives. Be it sexual, religious or whatever. Atheists don't go door to door trying to save people from their gods. But the religious want to make laws for everyone.

Excellent article Bertold.

@KH - You reminded me of the beginning of the worst string of James Bond movies ever -- their philosophy seems to be live and let die. (Or at least let us annoy and bore you to death.)

k.h. ky  this is well put. I also have a live and let live philosophy of life but it was never good enough for my mother when we talked about it. She said my "live and let live" was just not well enough defined for her. I'm not surprised. Her and dad tried to ruin me and make their beliefs my total way of thinking. This will backfire on you.

That's why today my 43 year old daughter understands me but doesn't get along with her mother who tries this same type of control. Each person has their own life to live.

Thanks Michael, Bertold :)


I love your way with words.


Calling these people, "spoiled brats" insults real spoiled brats. 







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