Wisconsin has some loony christians suing a library and trying to burn a book they deem inappropriate. How bout if we deem THEM inappropriate?

Check the link for the story.
Isn't in something how brave one has to be just to conduct one's self in a sane and rational way? Brave to do one's job which is to keep the public library public!

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I learned that Mel Gibson may have "issues" from an episode of South Park, which saved me from watching "The Passion of the Christ". I did watch "Apocalypto" because it was free on cable teevee. "Graphic" doesn't even begin to describe it.
I've not seen either The Passion of the Christ nor Apocalypto, as I've seen scenes from both and decided they are not for me! OH, but with the burners' logic, these should be seized and burned... sheesh
They burn the books they find offensive, we burn the books we find offensive Jews Muslims and Hindus burn the books they fins offensive and pretty soon we will live in a world devoid of all knowledge, history or literature.

I went to school with the daughter of a self proclaimed "Morals Crusader" when her mum was out crusading against filth in Libraries and Bookshops she invited me to her home. It was filled with the most amazing collection of hard core porn I have seen other than Adult bookstores.

Her mum keep buying more and more porno books and magazines for "Research" so she could be disgusted by it !
What an eye opener!

I have a theory on this. If one looks and sees only bad and evil, what is in their heart and mind?
She reminds me of Jerry Fallwell who said Tinky Winky was gay, or my old church that said Sesame Street was brainwashing youth for communism!!!?
"She reminds me of Jerry Fallwell who said Tinky Winky was gay"

Is that one of Teletubbies? ( I forge their names, so think of them as ; Loopy, Dropkick and Pig Vomit) Aren't they ALL gay?---and so what? What's wrong with gay role models?

When I was growing up we had Noddy and Biggles.Locally we had a TV clown called "Bo Bo" who reinforced my coulrophobia.

I'm not often glad when a person dies.However, I made an exception for Jerry Fallwell and hope to do the same when Fred Phelps carks it. With any luck he'll protest at the funeral of some dead GI in a place like say Dallas,and some patriot will blow his head off.-
Kitty "what is in their heart and mind?"

I find this an interesting concept especially with the Gay & Lesbian debate.
I have heard christians say many times how people choose a homosexual lifestyle. It always makes me think anyone who thinks their is a choice is at least bisexual, From my own experience I have not chosen to be heterosexual it is not a choice for me I have a very strong interest in women and no interest in males. I know both male and female homosexuals who have similar feelings. I also know other people who have preferences but could quite happily enjoy sex with male or female partners.

Re porn I have often heard "I am strong enough to be able to view this material without being corrupted but lesser humans would not be as strong as I am." :-)
Wow! I'd not thought of that ... but it makes sense.
Aren't the loudest accusers/deniers most suspect themselves?
Since working in animal husbandry, I've observed hetero, homo and bisexual behaviors in every species of mammal. Would only make sense that these who claim choice would fall into the bi category.
Brilliant observation... I'm going to watch for this.
you are a bibliophile! I am as well. I don't highlight books either, and if I had to it'd be traumatic at first. So, nothing wrong with YOU!

methinks your reaction to the book burning is unavoidable! Me? I'd probably puke.
Quite right Kitty.

I will personally set fire to anyone casting aspersions on bibliophiles within my hearing. What chutzpah! Nothing wrong with us! (twitch)




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