The COOLEST hate campaign ever! From our friends at the Westboro Baptist Church.

Warning, the video is Not Safe For Work.

For a hate campaign, it's really flashy, well produced, and cool!  As they say in the video, "Hell is the bitch-slap of god's hate".


This campaign is honest, fervent, and represents same logic as the Baptist church were I grew up in the midwest.

"God loves everyone is the greatest Lie ever told..... god does not love everyone"

"What nonsense. Of course god makes junk"

"Only 2 billion to one are actually god's children"

I never expected them to produce such a slick video though.

Cute kids too.

Those people are fucking evil. Just fucking evil. But honest evil.

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That is really scary. I liked listening to how they parodied a large variety of songs. Sad for the kids growing up with those fuck heads. It will be hard for them to get out of such a sick mindset.
they would probably feel like an act of violence against them is a form of martyrdom.
My devise says it doesn't have the correct flash player to show this. Does anyone know what it is labeled as or hoe I can get to it on you tube?
You can view the video on the youtube channel of nNoon19

These presenters are self-righteous and vulgar. They are a bad influence on children and vulnerable people. I live in Britain and Australia and have never encountered such obnoxious people. They are best avoided and ignored in my opinion.

I don't understand the phone recording at the beginning of the clip. 

Is the use of copyrighted material acceptable in videos like this if it is being "spoofed?"  I'm wondering how Green Day and others might react to this use of their songs.

Sampling is probably considered fair use.  good question, anyway.

Parody is legal. So they cannot sue the WBC. But since they're all lawyers, they already know that.

The two doc's on them are here under Religion.

Just saw the second one last week..They just get crazier and crazier.


This crap makes me physically ill.  Makes me want to do terrible things.  Incites me to want violence. Then I take a deep, deep breath and remember that I would never stoop to their level of evil and madness.  But maybe someone else WILL....


Thank you for the link.  I just finished watching the first one.  To go way out on a limb based on some brief moments, it looks like Fred Phelps has early dementia.  His conversational style is of confabulation.  He's evasive, and has a narrow range of emotion, and narrow vocabulary.  I bet that wasn't true 10 years ago, although the anger doubtless has been there much longer.


His family appears to be protecting him from contact with the rest of the world.  Almost like "don't look behind the curtain!".  Again, likely to cover his dementia.  Cause?  At his age, probably Alzheimer's or vascular dementia (just based on demographics) although it's fun to think it's syphilitic.  No evidence for that but I would like to think it.


Shirley appears to be the true leader, as full of herself as anyone I've ever seen.


That convert documentarian is just a strange man.  What could have happened to him?  A former Unitarian?


Thanks for the link Goz.  Now to watch the second one.....  if I can stand it.

 You are welcome..Yeah,they are a piece of work,aren't they..And Shirley...That is one mentally screwed up woman. Her frozen smile is way past creepy!  Just wait till you watch the second one..It's really a show stopper.

 I was stunned at what  they are planning,really..Of course,if they do leave the country,they will say god is leading the way,etc.

 What a pathetic group...Those who escaped the clutches of Psychopath Phelps are bloody lucky.

 I can't wait for the book to come out on this family.




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