The COOLEST hate campaign ever! From our friends at the Westboro Baptist Church.

Warning, the video is Not Safe For Work.

For a hate campaign, it's really flashy, well produced, and cool!  As they say in the video, "Hell is the bitch-slap of god's hate".


This campaign is honest, fervent, and represents same logic as the Baptist church were I grew up in the midwest.

"God loves everyone is the greatest Lie ever told..... god does not love everyone"

"What nonsense. Of course god makes junk"

"Only 2 billion to one are actually god's children"

I never expected them to produce such a slick video though.

Cute kids too.

Those people are fucking evil. Just fucking evil. But honest evil.

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Wow!  That second documentary.  Here's a family who goes on the internet stating they burned the Koran, now assuming they will be evicted from the USA after they win their SUpreme court case (which they did).  So, they'll move to a muslim country (Jordan) to live in the "pink caves" and convert 144,000 Jews to their religion.  After making surreal antisemitic videos.  If only they had set a date, so we know and they know how truly strange they are.....


Is there a fatwah against these nutjobs? They did state they burned the Koran.....  I would LOVE to see them protesting in Iraq, if not Jordan. 


Still, I don't think they are quite in crisis.  The adults at least appear to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.

 I think he was exaggerating the "in crisis" stuff as well...And yeah,I think they do get a huge kick out of yanking everyone's collective chains. They are like the irritating troll that pops in on forums to say something stupid and disruptive just because he can.

 personally,I'd love to see them leave and end up with egg on their collective faces. However,I feel if they leave some other copy cat cult will just take their place.

Me too.

God controls everything, and Jesus was killed by Jews, which was a requirement for him to die for everyone's sins. My brain hurts.


And why do they have such pretty children with such ugly thoughts? D: If I ran the world, they'd be sterilized so that they could not perpetuate this hate in future generations.


God made the majority of people to be junk to go to hell for all eternity, what an asshole.

Yessirree, and apparently God hates christians, too!  After all he just devastated his most faithful region in this country with tornados and floods!  HIS ways are sooooo mysterious...
Just watch - They'll blame the devastation on the sinfulness of southerners. 
I'm amazed no one has yet.
Nice to watch ..  primitive thought process yet colourful
Just out of curiosity, is the Phelps family the living sequel to the movie The Hills Have Eyes?


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