I find it interesting that the countries that rate highest on the World Happiness Report ( Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Finland, Canada ) are the least religious. Conversely, those that rate the lowest ( Afghanistan, Togo, Syria, Burundi are the most religious ). Tell a Baptist preacher that you are an atheist, though, and he will ask you what went wrong in your life.

I suppose people that are suffering are more likely to turn to a deity thus seeking better times, now or after death. Of course that goes against free will and non intervention. What is the point of praying, or saying God bless America, when the bible states God will not intervene ? Religion is full of irony, contradictions and irrational thinking.

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What causes unhappiness?

being denied self development 

being kept away from people and animals or anything that could make you happy

being forced into a lifestyle you didn't choose

being kept stupid and uninformed

in summary; religion.

There's a Jewish teaching that God doesn't need prayers; the person doing the praying needs it to understand themselves better. In that case, why not articulate your wishes and hopes and fears and desires to a being that's undeniably real?

You'll pray for me? Great! I'll talk to my cat for you! [orange cat facing the sun] Expect the same results

I still love Hitch's classic comment:

Well meaning acquaintance: I'll pray for you.

Hitch: I'll think for you.

My personal favorite is when someone asks me to pray for them or their loved one. Do people people believe a greater accumulation of prayers yields better results ? That reflects the topic of discussion that people generally seek a god when things are not going well for them.

Case in point: incarcerated folk seem to have an elevated rate of Christian conversions.

I hear that there are many extras available for xian prisoners in the US.

Compelledunbeliever drew on his 15 years as a correctional officer to explain why inmates' declared religions likely have much more to do with privileges and even survival than with their actual beliefs.

"Statistics show that there are far fewer atheist in prison than theist, True, but totally wrong!"

If you nag god he will listen to you. Maybe it's just to shut you up. It's also wise to pray to his mother because he cannot refuse her.

Just a few thoughts.

"Any headaches recently?" my doctor asked a few hours ago.

"Not since 1957 when I quit Catholicism," I replied.

He chuckled.

Do you know how good it feels to be able to say that? I had bunches of headaches before I quit.


Thank you, Jennifer. I'm glad you enjoyed my take on a happy moment.




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