"Some atheist scientists with children embrace religious traditions for social and personal reasons, according to research from Rice University and the University at Buffalo "

"The researchers found that 17 percent of atheists with children attended a religious service more than once in the past year."

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For men its between the legs if you want to know. Not sure why women would want to be with a religious person but I am sure there is some hormonal reason since years ago when I had to go to mass with family members (they ask nicely they know I don't believe in their sky daddy) I did notice that 4 out 5 where women.

There is some research on this but not sure where I read it that women do tend to be drawn in more than men but not sure what the percentage is. Either way I consider it a mental disorder no different than Narcism. I sure would love to see if certain anxiety medication would be in order to break the cycle. Glad I will never have to worry about this with my wife, 100% atheist to the core. 

I did a fast look up and though this is not the article I was looking for it does mention a trend.

I can sort of understand church but, SUNDAY SCHOOL?  Why would an atheist do that?




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