The cost of masculine crime

"Men are, by a huge margin, the sex responsible for violent, sexual and other serious crime. The economic cost of this ‘masculine excess’ in delinquency is staggering - to say nothing of its emotional toll. Why is the social shaping of masculinity not an urgent policy issue?"

Don't give me the old bromide that testosterone did it! That is an excuse! A denial of self-responsibility! A claim that protects violent men from being held accountable. Both men and women suffer because of these brutes! 


"Of the one-third of a million people in England and Wales found guilty of an indictable offence in the 12 months ending June 2012, 85% were men. The more violent the crime, the more men predominate. From a unique table deep in the quarterly Ministry of Justice Criminal Justice Statistics Bulletin for England and Wales we learn that males were 88% of those found guilty of violence against the person, and more than 98% of those committing sexual offences."

Just as the women of Turkey, dressed from head to toe in heavy gabardine in 100 degree F weather, to conceal their bodies because men couldn't control their impulses to rape, so, men of many countries continue to think they are entitled to use and abuse women. Doesn't that sound sophomoric to you? How can anyone claim they can't control their natural urges? If men were subject to such impulses, doesn't that imply those who can't exist as less human than the gentler ones? More like beasts than Homo sapiens. 

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Could I add  Joan......That  we all should  respect  one another  no matter  the gender  or Faith....We do not need  a god  to do this... By valuing  the different qualities of maleness and femaleness, you are respecting  Gays  as well as Straights, which is  commendable.......You are also right that violence  has  no  place in the family scene Or  anywhere  else...

OK! Now the task is to figure out how to build a community of strong men and women who can take on the weapons and attitudes of those who hate heretics.  

We have evidence on our side, we know the difference between reality and delusion, clearly, society does not prosper under the yoke of religion. If we are to survive the economic, social, political turmoil, we need well trained communicators and advocates for reason and evidence based knowledge. 

Have you seen the insane stories of radical conservatives who are doing dumb things like creating cars and trucks that spew out black diesel smoke? They are self-righteous, opinionated, arrogant idiots that attract uninformed people, young and old. 

What strategies can we develop to counteract such nonsense (and I mean non + sense)?

How do we counter the "Let go and let god" mentality? 

How do we challenge the 6,000 year old Earth beliefs? 

Using Socratic questions, such as

Does hitting your spouse or child make your home a place you enjoy living in? 

Are there other methods of livings? 

What price do you pay for being violent? 

Who benefits by the use of violence? 

Why has Israel and Palestine not been able to settle their disputes when people all over the world pray for the end of their wars? 

What role does the US play in supplying arms?

Who is going to take care of the refugees? 

Do you think violence solves conflicts? 

Why do men and women use violence?

Does violence get you want you wan?. 

When I worked at the boys' ranches, about a third of the parents used punitive methods and the boys acted out. About a third of the parents set too few boundaries and boys had no structure. About a third of the parents used sound parenting methods and the boys got into rebellious influences of peers. 

The remedy was to use methods that focused on self-responsibility and self-control. For some boys, a points system worked. We put a new boy into very tight controls and showed him the way to get more freedom. When they earned the methods of problem solving and conflict resolution, as well assertiveness, negotiation, compromise, and demonstrated progressive use of these strategies, they had more and more freedom, until they earned their out of the ranch and back to their families who had also been trained.  Both parents and boys learned life-skills and their lives improved. 

Violence has no place in the family or anywhere else.

After I retired, on my first day in a ceramics class at a city college students introduced themselves and I said I had been in the Navy.

A woman in the class asked why I hadn't joined the Army.

I replied that I hadn't wanted to look at the men I would have to kill.

Several voices that sounded like those of women gasped.

I'm glad that the military now puts women into combat positions.

I agree, if there are to be people in combat, they need to include women who have the qualifications. My preference is that because we have a War College, we need a Peace College.  

( still reading all the posts I never came round to )

A society with less crime also has less religion, less tradition and less inequality between the sexes. We can start from there....

Your new freedom feels good to me, as I am sure it feels great to you! What is your summer weather doing; normal patterns or different from the usual? 

We had the hottest day for July last week and it was blistering. It reached 101 degree F, not at all usual for July. August is usually our hottest month. 

Interesting to note that this article is written by two women. George Carlin once called "testosterone" the most dangerous drug on Earth. There was a special on H-B-O about transexuals who were born female and striving to be male by injecting steroids (male hormones) into their bodies. They were interviewed and some of them opened up to admit that their entire lives had been changed by the "drug." That they had become more aggressive, more violent, more promiscuous in that they were having sexual encounters with strangers, etc.

A friend of mine was prescribed male hormones for some unknown reason to me. She said she literally saw red, as in rage! It didn't matter what she did, she was furious and aggressive. 

There must be some evolutionary advantage for men to be angry, however, we are past the lion in the rushes stage of human development. We live in a very different world and there is no reason to need all that testosterone. Even during the Machine Age, upper body strength was needed to handle heavy machinery, as the Agriculture Age needed strong arms and shoulders to handle beasts. No one has to do that heavy lifting these days. Even wars can be fought with computers. The greatest modern war machine is the ability to manipulate financial markets and that requires no body strength at all. It only requires a sense of entitlement and the desire to manipulate and exploit others. 

Women  who take  testosterone can grow a mustache,  get  more hairy  in general,as well as feeling    aggression, and  having the potential  to get muscular..........So women should be told  of  these  side  effects before  taking  them, unless  they want to be a transgender....  

ohhhhhhh   OK   Patricia.....TMI......

TMI= Too much  information......:)

Patricia, visit the Urban Dictionary website and enter the acronym or initialism you don't know.

I bookmarked it on my computers and on my android smarter-than-I-am phone.



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