The Damned Republican Party Willing to Ruin the World Economy Over Obamacare

If you've been watching the news lately, then you are aware that there may be a Government shutdown Sept.30th/Oct.1st., all over Obamacare. The Republican party demand that President Obama either defund it or at least delay its implementation for another year. Of course, if Obama capitulates to delaying it for one more year, we all know what will happen when that year is up: The same bull crap all over again, threats of shutting down the Federal Government.

From what I understand from watching the news, is that should the Republican party actually go through with their threat of shutting down the Government, not only would it throw the US economy into disarray and turmoil, but it would also do the same to rest of the world's economies.

The Republicans are just plain and simply evil, stupid, idiotic, greedy, murderous, elitist, misogynistic, anti-science crap spewers, who are doing nothing but taking up the oxygen of all good peoples.

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I really dislike Obamacare - the idea of being forced to pay into a giant health bureaucracy, for people's mostly self-inflicted health problems. 

That's a separate issue from the Republicans' tactics. 

Laura, then you don't understand Obamacare.  not a big surprise, most people don't.  i'll make it very easy for you to get over your concern - if you decide to sign up for insurance on your own, it will not be a "giant health bureaucracy".  you'll be buying your insurance from a private insurer, like Aetna or Blue Cross or whoever.  Obamacare has set regulations for insurers so they cannot take advantage of policy holders.  if you have health insurance through your employer you are not being forced into Obamacare.  you have your insurance and you'll keep it, only with strengthened policies that favor policyholders.  

if you have any other questions just ask.  i am a small business owner and haven't had insurance for the past 3 years b/c it's been expensive and doesn't offer true coverage.  what's available today is basically disaster insurance.  that all changes come Jan. 1.

Matthew Greenberg:

Thank you very much for that clarification. I only hope the others who have replied to this discussion get a chance to read it for themselves.

amazingly, my mother and her husband are dead against Obamacare, even knowing that it will help me out tremendously.  that's after my Mom begging me to get insurance for these past 3 years. 

he told me a story yesterday- he was talking to a teacher who told him that her insurance was going to cost $600/month for her family under Obamacare.  um, teachers get their insurance from the school district.  Obamacare won't effect her at all, except to give her free, no deductible, cancer screenings and OBGYN services. 

when America doesn't become a wasteland next year and people are happy with their new and improved private market insurance these Republicans are gonna have a lot of xplainin to do. 

Actually my personal objection to it is that I get some very expensive drugs for off-label uses and they would likely not be covered by insurance.  So I would be paying other people's medical bills and my own. 

It's a giant bureaucracy which makes decisions that should be between a doctor and a patient. 

But what I was saying in general is that we have a dysfunctional situation in the USA, where people make themselves ill with bad health habits like smoking, excessive drinking, eating junk food - persuaded by intense advertising.  We have huge health costs from that.  And if you are forced to pay other people's health bills via insurance - you can't personally opt out of this dysfunctional situation. 

And you can't even get by with catastrophic insurance, which would be sensible (unless you're young). 

I do understand Obamacare, but it still effectively works to entrench the current dysfunctional situation. 

"It's a giant bureaucracy which makes decisions that should be between a doctor and a patient."

how so?  if you sign up thru an exchange you will not be dealing with any gov't agency.  you'll be buying insurance from a private insurance company.  if that's the giant bureaucracy you're referring to then i'm afraid there is no alternative. 

"And if you are forced to pay other people's health bills via insurance - you can't personally opt out of this dysfunctional situation."

i hate to break it to you but that's how insurance works.  all forms of insurance.  in this case, healthy people pay for sick people, with the understanding that at some time all people will become sick and need healthcare.  for example, when i had healthcare through my employer i never used it.  but i paid my premiums every month, knowing full well other people on my plan were using it and some even abusing it.  that's just the nature of insurance. 

Don't forget that the premiums also pay for those WITHOUT insurance and think just going to the ER is all they need.

good point.  we all pay for the emergency care for the uninsured.  it's a double whammy too - it's tremendously expensive and it oft causes the treated to go into bankruptcy.  

Good point here. The emergency care for the uninsured. People go to the ER and give false information all the time. At my current residence and the previous one also, I have gotten bills and phone calls for people who owe for this treatment and I never had a clue who they really were. They give your phone or address (pulling it out of thin air) to avoid payment.

If we had national health care like France does this would never happen. Why do I say France and not mention a system like the one in the UK? France has the better system and the UK health care is also more expensive.

Matthew, thank you for your valuable insight.  

SB, i'm glad you found it helpful.  as someone who's about to benefit from the law i think it's important to point out all the misinformation that is so prevalent on this issue.  if informed people disagree i'll listen to their arguments.  some probably have merit.  unfortunately, most are completely lost in this very substantial law.  

i admit that i was for universal healthcare, but i'm starting to wonder if some unique combination of private market insurance and gov't regulations may prove to be better than what other countries have done.  after all, part of what makes America unique is our blend of private v. public services.  maybe the competition of the private market, combined with some basic assurances to policyholders, will make the American healthcare system better than countries with universal coverage.  

for me the jury is still out, but i like what i see.  


I don't know whether I  will personally be better off or worse off when the Affordable Healthcare Act is fully implemented.  I could see it being either.  It's not easy to calculate.  Plus I'm a veteran, so there is the VA to fall back on as a safety net.

But whether I'm for it or against it, is not just about me.  I think the country will be better off as a whole. 

Right now what the country has is inadequate, unfair, costs far more than other countries, and therefore is paying SOMEBODY far more than in other countries.  There are some very rich people, getting much richer, by making the rest of us poorer, sicker, and more unsafe.


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