The Damned Republican Party Willing to Ruin the World Economy Over Obamacare

If you've been watching the news lately, then you are aware that there may be a Government shutdown Sept.30th/Oct.1st., all over Obamacare. The Republican party demand that President Obama either defund it or at least delay its implementation for another year. Of course, if Obama capitulates to delaying it for one more year, we all know what will happen when that year is up: The same bull crap all over again, threats of shutting down the Federal Government.

From what I understand from watching the news, is that should the Republican party actually go through with their threat of shutting down the Government, not only would it throw the US economy into disarray and turmoil, but it would also do the same to rest of the world's economies.

The Republicans are just plain and simply evil, stupid, idiotic, greedy, murderous, elitist, misogynistic, anti-science crap spewers, who are doing nothing but taking up the oxygen of all good peoples.

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agreed 100%.

The thing about the ACA is this: it is A Means to Leveling The Playing Field.  Just as Roe v. Wade helped level the playing field for poor women who needed access to not just abortion but something which would eventually be known as "family planning," the ACA provides the means for people who previously relied on the Emergency Room to handle their exigent needs a means NOT to have to do so, but to actually have both palliative and preventive care through a primary caregiver, rather than constantly having to resort to the ER.

For reasons which utterly escape me, this is completely anathema to the Republican Party, despite the fact that it will almost certainly SAVE MONEY in the long haul.  Someone please tell me ... WHY?

Like Luara I'm not crazy about Obamacare either, it may well be counterproductive. I am also strongly in favor of serious trimming government spending which is way out of control.

But this brinksmanship is a pretty stupid stunt.

total gov't spending is up from $6 trillion to $6.4 trillion from '09-present.  that's a 6% total increase, or to put it another way, less than the inflation rate.  now you may argue that $6 trillion or so is way too much, but that's a different argument.  spending simply isn't out of control in this administration.  that you've heard the exact opposite for the past 4 years is a testament to the power of Republican messaging.  

And Jay H. is a Republican

While I'm not in favor of so called "Obamacare," I might ad that most of us don't understand it. You can't produce anybody that has read the entire thick manual (so I hear) that explains it. People are complaining that they don't even know how to bill services under this new plan, and the list of complaints goes on and on. My first statements on billing procedures would be to ask how you billed things before? That would likely be a good starting point.

Luara says we are "being forced to pay into a giant health bureaucracy for people's mostly self-inflicted health problems." Does that mean that we shouldn't treat Johnny because he shot himself in the foot, or because he ate too much iced cream in his lifetime? Maybe we could do healthcare the way Al Gore and his buddies want to do pollution. Everybody should have good healthcare.

The truth is, it's not about you and your healthcare. It's about the making of money. Modern American healthcare changed drastically in the Nixon years, and none of those changes had YOU in mind. What we need is a health system like the one in France. Study that one and see what you think, and you'll know more of what I'm talking about.

SO, the Republicorns want to force a shutdown of the government soon because of funding Obamacare. It's really all about them and their egos. Nothing here is as it seems, and such an action would affect America and the rest of the world too. Who in the hell do they think they are?

If people act in a way that endangers their health, like smoking tobacco, drinking too much, eating too much - and others are forced to pay for this - then the others gain the right to control society to prevent people from doing this - e.g. controlling advertising for foods that promote obesity, etc.  And people with self-inflicted health problems can be charged more for their health insurance.

Shutting the govt down could also be viewed as a desperate tactic to achieve something crucial.  I don't know how to judge the pros and cons of it.  It's easy to dish out an opinion - but Obamacare may be very bad for the USA.

But that's what society is. Its a collective that allows us as individuals to operate as a group. Expenses for running that society are shared by all.

Sure you pay for the health of people who don't make good life choices, but the police would be pretty bored without people making bad life choices too.

I just don't understand why Americans can't just look to the rest of the developed world where quality universal health care is the norm rather than the end of civilisation.

I cam across this recently that explains why US health costs are so high

 I put it to you rather than spiraling out of control Obamacare, and especially the collective bargaining that should be part of it( i dont know if it is) will decrease the cost of your system.

Just FYI I am a medical sales rep in Australia and I can tell you that our collective  purchasing systems are very effective in driving down prices. Too effective for my comfort.


That's a great video.  Reasonable and told in an entertaining way.  Bottom line is, it's all driven by a highly dysfunctional, highly wasteful system.

Can we just cut this down to the basics?  The GOP is all bent out of shape that the ACA actually is LAW now, and what they're doing is throwing an adult temper tantrum.  I mean seriously, how mature is it to say, in essence:

You better defund Obamacare or I'm going to hold my breath until the country turns blue!

A bunch of adults acting like children ... charming.

worse than that, they're trying to blame the President for their antics.  they might as well demand that Obama step down from office in order for them to fund the gov't and raise the debt ceiling.  

Not to mention Obama is more intelligent, has more insight, is more qualified, more disciplined, and better focused in a more complex world,  than...   Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush.

I think FDR, Truman, and Eisenhower were good, given their times, but that's before most of us were born.

It's kind of embarrassing for the racist-oriented types to be so outclassed by an African American man, so they have to do everything they can to undermine him.  Even if it means throwing American under the bus.




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