The Darwin Initiative
Submit your video before midnight August 12th, 2011 if you want it to be considered for inclusion in the documentary.

The mission of The Darwin Initiative is to raise the scientific literacy of the followers of the world's religions in the hope they see the scientific method, reason and logic as superior methods to understand our world rather than superstion, myth and religious dogma.

As a first step, we will start by requesting that you, and millions of other non-believing, scientifically astute activists in the world interview your friends, family, acquaintances and people you meet on the street regarding Charles Darwin, the Theory of Evolution, god and creationism/Intelligent Design.

You must first gain permission to video them, using whatever cellphone or other video capable camera that is available, and upload the videos to this site. (Link to form is below.)

We will supply a list of questions (also shown below) to lead the interview to a point where you can provide a small printout of current science related books and websites to enhance their understanding of the world, and therefore, their understanding of our lack of belief in the need for a creator, or intelligent designer.

A secondary goal is to produce a documentary fashioned from the thousands of two to three minute interviews captured by you and uploaded to this channel. The documentary will be distributed on YouTube, and embedding will be allowed without restraint, and the documentary will be submitted for nomination to film-festivals in the documentary category.

We hope to have the documentary edited for release by or on Charles Darwin's birthday in 2012.

In the next few months, we will produce a website specifically for The Darwin Initiative.

To this end, Logidea has procured two websites (not yet functional nor pointing this site):

Feel free to add videos for as long as you wish, but if you hope to have a segment of your video included in the documentary, please submit it no later than August 12th, 2011 - midnight.

Questions - please follow this list to make the accumulation of data and editing the videos a bit easier, and to keep the videos under three minutes including your introduction of names and permission to video.

Please consider this an opportunity to gain the insight as to their beliefs and understanding and to present the list of suggested websites and books, rather than an opportunity to debate them. We aren't looking for confrontation, we are hoping to learn what they believe, and make them feel comfortable accepting information from you.

1) Do you know who Charles Darwin is, and for what is he famous?

2) Do you accept the Theory of Evolution as true?

2.a) If the accept the theory of evolution; "do you know the two critical components of the theory of evolution?"

3) If they do not accept the theory of evolution, what about it do you reject? The entire theory, or only parts?

3.a) If not, do you believe the earth is thousands of years old, or billions of years old?

4) Do you believe in a god?

4.a) If so, can you provide a brief explanation or description of what you think your god is?

4.b) If yes; do you believe in creationism or intelligent design?

4.c) If yes; do you believe the creator or intelligent designer caused evolution?

4.d) If yes; do you believe the creator started the universe, then allowed nature to take the course proscribed by the creator?

5) What is the most recent book you've read on evolution, and when did you read it?

6) What is the most recent book you've read on any science related topic, and when did you read it?

Downloadable list of questions can be found here.
Downloadable The Darwing Initiative Personal Release Form
Downloadable list of recommended books and websites.

Mail your Logidea Corp. The Darwin Initiative - Personal Release Form to Logidea Corp., 59 Lake Arbor Drive, Palm Springs, FL. USA 33461 and email the link to your video along with the producer's name, address and phone number to:

Let's change the world!

Richard McCargar

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Ah the Fact of Evolution. Bio and tech. Different physiology same math-like progression through history.


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