Philosophy Leaking into the Air sounds absurd. Philosophy is from the realm of ideas, completely separate from the physical world. But 7 ½ billion human beings are a geological force. Our economics and politics impact nature.

Faith-based versus fact-based world views were just philosophy. Next month the US is poised to reorganize its government for climate denial. Fake news will ground official policy, likely heating the planet as much as extra 1°C.

Like jello, politics and news slithered into the realm of entertainment unannounced.

Communication and cognition are infiltrating boundaries of air and water movement.

Climate Destabilization isn't just sea level rise. It's multidimensional cause and effect cascades, from how people make sense of their world to jet stream anomalies crossing the Arctic and equator. The boundaries that made sense in a stable world are gone! Thoughts, and feelings in 7 1/2 billion brains - snap! - phase change in Eaarth's thin skin.

images source earth nullschool, text mine

Our overbalanced planet is a complex interconnected system now, where hysteria, or a thin-skinned president, easily initiate nuclear winter. Our critical mass awaits. Maybe a few tweets will start a chain reaction, or a million climate refugees. Maybe a billion tail pipes will set off that terminal climate acceleration.

Avalanches occur when unstable conditions pass a tipping point. The erosion of fact-based government, the critical mass of citizens who can't grasp distasteful realities, they push for devastating collapse like meltwater on a steep snowy slope.

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Faith-base vs. Fact-based decisions make a difference. I agree with all of your points and support your position, Ruth, thanks. 

May I post your comment on Facebook so that my family can see and think about what you wrote?

Sure, thanks!

Ruth! Thank you! 

Ruth also shared a link to this post on Reddit. For Redditors, comments and upvotes there will help make this visible as well!




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