Ok Libertarians~ my other stomping grounds are dead, so maybe this would be a good time to finally defend your beliefs.  Thats right, I said beliefs, because as far as I've seen there is no realistic, rational basis for ANY of the claims that the so called "libertarian" base makes.  In fact, almost all evidence in context points away from your "ideal" society.  So we will make it simple~ all you need to do is state your case, then back it up with something that can be considered evidence.  That is, some relevant example of your policy or idea put into action, because all I see is a bunch of whiners trying to make America more like Somalia.


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You came into it with a good one, Nerd?
The antagonism in this OP seems quite contradictory to the community building purpose of this sight. Disagreement is one thing, but this is out right hostility. No one cares about your ongoing conversations except perhaps those directly involved. If you wish to continue comparing genitalia with them perhaps a more private medium would be in order. If you wish to start a discussion on an open community forum perhaps you should be open to actual discussion instead of looking to continue your petty fight.
I did not say that it was derogatory or slanderous, I said it was antagonistic and hostile. I'll add unproductive to that. It only 'offends' me in that it seems to be the hot headed, emotional and irrational jab of a worked up individual who has opted to turn off his thinking cap.

As for this site's purpose: It is to provide atheists with a 'safe' area to meet others of a like mind and engage in rational discourse regarding subjects that are of interest to us. I saw nothing rational in your OP and therefore found it pointless.
A thinking human being, did I need permission to criticize you? I'm sorry, I'll ask first next time.
Libertarianism:The idea that if you give all your money to the rich it will some how trickle down to the rest of us peasants.
I would have to disagree with that generalization of what Libertarianism.  Libertarianism is laissez faire. It is pure Capitalism in which the private sector owns all factors of production. Supply and demand are used to achieve market equilibrium, which shows how much suppliers should produce. Yes I would agree that in Pure Capitalism that eventually a few people will begin to accumulate all the wealth, which is why the government enacts Anti-Trust Laws, as well as taxes. Libertarianism is also about strict observance of the US Constitution. They believe that the gov't should leave people to make there own decisions and protect all rights within the Constitution.

   Im sorry I havent gottin to the original conversations that eventually led to this ones creation as they certainly sound entertaining. But looking over this one I see roughly 6 responces all dealing with what Andi (correctly imo) called a major attitude easily detected in your initial question....so far the evidence would seem to show that (0 big surprise) She was correct. Shame really because I would also like to read a defense/explanation of Libertarian thought.....THEN....let the dust up begin!!


I too would enjoy to see a coherent explanation. I am not personally advocating either side of this issue. I'm just foolishly wishing we could have a calm, rational discussion instead of greeting one another with a kick to the nuts.
Why is everybody, who aren't privy to previous libertarian threads,coming in here and calling Park a bad boy?  Isn't that like coming in during a conversation and then accusing people of getting heated?
I would totally join that.
count me in - thanks for bringing it up Park. 
yeah that's a group i might join park



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