I recently realized that the black community will never accept that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon. One lady told me last week that father god does not make anybody gay. I have come to realize that the black community refuses to confront the monsters of reality by avoidng the cave of reality. So I have decided to capitalize on people who willingly want to remain naive. I am about to start a spiritual business casting out homosexual demons. The thing is this scam is unpenetratable because of one ridiculous loop hole . Demons are everywhere and if someone was to return with a complain I would simple accuse them of leaving the affected person around someone with homosexual demons thus leading to repossesion by demons again. I wonder if I can go through with this and keep a straight face. I am jealous of Benny Hinn.

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tee hee, the gay demons just may make you more loving, and then what shall you do?
Hey RealType, welcome to Nexus. I know (or hope) this is mostly sarcasm or Poe.

It is important that we do not make blanketed statements about entire groups of people.
I really mean no harm. It was just in response to some people I know. I think its time the black community pay for their homophobia.


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