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I believe in Satan, Lucifer, and all of this type of deity, rebellious angel, whatever.  I see them as post-Gnostic Promethean figures only.  They are apotheoses of rebellious types, Nietzsche, Burton, Shelley, others.  And I think that this was pretty much what Anton was into as well, only he added a Crowlean antinomian stance, that not only were the "sins" taught by, e.g. Catholicism a "restriction," they were meant to be systematically broken.  I was headed in that path until I woke up and saw that all deities, devils, angels, &c. are bullshit.

Oh cool James - I was just posting on how LOL is overused. I agree.

A friend used it annoyingly, as in every time he emailed something he thought clever.  He used it after jokes.  He used it (as it was supposed to be used) as a way to say, "just kidding!"  I pointed out that the last was about the only legitimate use of the code and soon after that he practically quit using it at all.  Oh, he was fond of ROFL, too.  I try to avoid all of them now. TKN.  (Take care now.)

LOL. Why would I be telling this to Christians? They know everything already. LOL.

Really?  REALLY???  You're joking, right?  You're NOT?!?  [sigh] Seems as though some of these jokers will reach at ANY straw they can find to scare people or gain converts.

Oh, and stay away from instances of the number or string "666" while you're at it! [groan!]


or to the uninitiated that Rolling on the floor sacrificing small fluffy animals.


irony.. KRS ONE spoke about civilization and tech just being a tool.. and really laughing out loud instead of...

sick of it all LP. 20 years n' still going...




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