As you may know, after the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision it emerged that the family behind the company plans to build a biblical museum in Washington, DC.

Which raises the question - what would a *secular* biblical museum look like, one based on archeaology, documented history, and more along the lines of Bart Ehrman's "Misquoting Jesus"?

While you ponder that thought, Deaf Freethinkers, a secular community for deaf people on Facebook, has posted a gallery of contemporary secular thinking in a context that invites contemplation. This gallery will be refreshed monthly, and we're inviting you to submit your favorite secular memes for viewing next month.

DFT Secular Perspective Gallery

If you've got an original meme, share that too - we'll be happy to give you credit and exposure. Memes will be collected in a pool, opened to a vote by over 900 DFT members and the top 15 will be featured in the gallery.

Send your memes to deaffreethinkers at gmail dot com and share word of the DFT Secular Perspective Gallery at Twitter with hashtag #SecDefArt.

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Thank for sharing this. I checked out the DFT Secular Perspective Gallery.  Nice feature of art show.  

Unfortunately, I don't have a Facebook account and never want to open an account. 

I have been around, and once a while. I could not believe Deaf Christians post stupid videos, but laugh how stupid they are. Especially one I enjoy watching Joy's videos..

She was one who said she can hear after Ben Hinns shook her head violently  at the church. 

sflmac of Fort Lauderdale




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