The difference between the Republican's and the Democrat party

In order to pick a candidate to vote for, for President of this country, you need to first pick the functions you want a government to do, look at the constitution, and then see which one, Donald Trump or Hillary C., is more likely to make the government do or not do what you want them to do or not do. I want the government to have nothing to do with the economy. Liberals want a government that is too socialist. I say the only purpose of a good government is to provide for national security and policing, and anything could be provided by private organizations should be provided by private organizations, and the private organizations should earn their own money without just extorting money from tax payers. The government’s job should not be to fix social problems.

The democrat party thinks the government’s job is to provide for those who can’t or won’t work enough to make a living, and they think successful people have a duty to work hard so that the government can steal from successful people and “redistribute” the loot to other people. The democrat party is too weak on national security. Do you know what could happen if too many over-religious muslims come here? The constitution could become invalid and we’ll all have to follow sharia law or worse.

Hillary C. has never provided a product or service that anybody wants or needs. Donald Trump understands how capitalism works. If Bernard S. wins the California democrat primary election, the people running the democrat party will still make Hillary C. the democrat party’s nominee. You probably falsely believe Donald Trump is racist or worse. Do you know how many people work for Donald Trump? And they are not all white men. Actually, it is the democrat party who is racist or worse. Just look at their obsession with race and affirmative action (reverse discrimination against white men who don’t happen to be gay or transgenderd).

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Are you sure you want to use Michael Savage as an authority? What is your rationale? 

I am using Michael Savage as an authority. Do some math equasions related to the average cost of the services many immigrants use.

Michael, unsupported claims go to trashcans.

Support your claim; show us the math equaTions you used.

You don't know what you're talking about. "Comprehensive coverage" includes collision coverage.
$8,700 a year for auto insurance? Man, what kind of driving record do you have? Wait, let me guess...speed limits and stop lights are "Socialist regulations, that Michael Savage tells you are limiting your individual freedoms 'cause you got no responsibility to society.
Keep dreaming. Your fantasies are fastinating.


Typically, most people want an authorative decision making entity or organizarion to have control and authority over their lives and more. Typically, republicans want this authority to come from their religion, while democrats want this authority to come from the government. I don't want religion to have any day so in my life. Not judaism not christianity, not islam or sharia law, or any religion. So we need to be careful that if muslims come to this country, that they don't take over the government and make us all have to follow sharia law or worse.

And I don't want an over-powerful government, hanging over my head like a parent or a religion, making judgments about what kind of health insurance we can can can't buy, and so on.

2. The democrat party is too weak on national security. They have negative policies towards Israel, they are too weak on Islamic crime/ Genocide/ terrorism/ jihad / or or whatever you want to call it.

Some people actually think George W. Bush is responsible for Nine-eleven. This makes as much sense as blaiming the Oaklahoma city bombing in 1995 on Bill Clinton. Do some people think the 9/11 attackers were punishing this country for George W. Bush's policies? What policies?

Liberal politicians always want to offer poor or "poor" people free stuff: free health
care, free college education, and more. Nothing is free, when something is free to you, the government is just extorting from productive people and redistributing the loot to less productive people, not that the redistribution schemes help in the long run.

Conservative politicians want to minimize regulations and taxes that inhibit the economy from operating well, so that people can start businesses more easily, make it take less effort to legally hire people, so it will be easier for people to just work for a living and keep enough of the money they earn, and so on.

Typically, most people want an authorative decision making entity or organizarion to have control and authority over their lives and more.

Sorry, Michael. That isn't me or most others that you would call a bleeding heart liberal. The government may be redistributing the loot as you say, but that's what governments do. Both parties are a lot alike. Bush gave us a lot of handouts too. If you think the Repubs are all about allowing you to keep your money, you are wrong. They just go about things differently and we still have government social services.

Mr Pianko asks:

" Do you know how many people work for Donald Trump?"  

No, I don't, and neither do you.  

Donald Trump uses contractors who do the hiring and firing so he can stay out of the  dirty business of actually hiring and firing of the lesser people...Like this example:

In his 1997 book, The Art of the Comeback, Trump warned America not to buy the crusade against 'the greatest fire-proofing material ever used.' He claimed the movement to remove asbestos — a known carcinogen — was actually the handiwork of the mafia.... Polish construction workers who worked on the construction of Trump Tower sued Trump, with some telling  the New York Times that 'they often worked in choking clouds of asbestos dust without protective equipment.' The contracting company used by Trump hired the Poles — undocumented immigrants were working off the books — at only $4- to $5-an-hour..."

Why don't YOU tell me how many people work for Donald Trump?

And while you're at it, tell us how pure the Capitalist private sector is.

"Hillary C. has never provided a product or service that anybody wants or needs."

As Secretary of State Ms. Clinton oversaw embassies all over the globe that provided numerous services to Americans traveling or working in foreign countries. As a Senator, she SERVED the interests of her constituents.  What product or service do the Wall Street casino hedgefunders provide that anybody wants or needs?




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