Hi there - saw this on Slate. Brilliantly prescient about the chump phenomenon. Scary how neatly it fits and highlights the nasty event you guys are experiencing over the. Cheers form a bemused South Africa

Trump and the dinosaurs show compared.

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Your link doesn't work (missing a colon after https), but this one does.

And yeah it's absolutely on the nose.  The problem is that it's preaching to the choir.  Trump supporters will either ignore it or lambast it (not that most of them even know the meaning of the word, "lambast").  This issue is the same as that of religionists: if they begin to question their savior, the whole ball of wax begins to fall apart, and they're not prepared to deal with that, and they'll do anything to avoid that cognitive dissonance.

I'm beginning to wonder if we need a political equivalent of Peter Boghossian's A Manual For Creating Atheists.

Thanks for the working link.  Might this dinosaur have been modeled on Trump?  The likeness is uncanny.  (I posted this on my Facebook page.)

Scary where to run? Our bunch here are pretty crazy with zuma impervious to any evidence exactly like chump. Haven't watched District 9 - have it but so much to watch.




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