The Director of Atheist Nexus Speaks Out on Atheist Communities

(Report by Hugh Kramer) I've just returned from a meeting of the Ventura County atheists where we heard a talk by and had a discussion with Richard Haynes, who runs Atheist Nexus, the new (it just celebrated it's first birthday) social networking site exclusively for non-theists. Richard, who sometimes writes under the sobriquet, "Brother Richard," was formerly an associate minister at a 12,000 member evangelical mega-church in Georgia. In 1993, he experienced a crisis of conscience over some of it's practices and, with his young wife and baby daughter, left the church. After a lot of vicissitudes and soul-searching, both he and his wife concluded that they no longer believed in God. Some of the habits of his time as an evangelist have persisted though and now he has dedicated himself to encouraging other atheists to "come out of the closet" and form themselves into a self-sustaining community. That, in fact, was the subject of his talk.
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Your opinion matters to me Judith, and I thank you on behalf of all the girls and women past present and future for your support of their right to feel the warm sun on their skin, and live a normal and full life in our society. They will likely never hear your opinion or mine, but our support for them is on the record here, and perhaps in the fullness of time our support combined with the efforts of others will have some positive effect. I can sleep easy knowing I tried to effect positive change, and you will not awaken in the night with pangs of guilt thinking that you did not speak out in support of those girls and women who are walled off from our world under that shroud of Apartheid known as the Burqa. Others here will need the help of a glass of warm milk and a sleeping pill....I hope.
Yes, I hope my uncharacteristic supportive tone has not shaken you too badly. I should really try harder to refrain from stepping out of character like that again out of concern that people might think I am trying to weasel my way into their good graces. It just wouldn't do!
You've missed your calling Alber. Have you considered politics?
Nobody would tolerate me long enough to manage my campaign, so I guess you are stuck with me here for a little while longer Kristy.
Can you tell tell me exactly where legislating against idiocy has actually prevented idiocy ? I want to move there.
You're talking about nutjobs that consider martyrdom a virtue. Not only will legislation be pointless (without even calculating the ridiculous legal bill that will ensue paying for their lawyers from our public purse for the endless appeal cycle) - it will give them the faux credibility and righteousness that persecution gives all religious nutjobs. Like they're not insane enough as it is.

You may also want to reflect on Winston Churchill's observations from over a century ago. If anything, things have deteriorated since then. A burqa ban is like applying tea-tree oil to someone who's been shot in the face with a shotgun. You may get a 10 second feel-good buzz, but that's about it.
Capitulation out of fear of Islamic Violence is not a good enough reason to not support those women. It is the fear of Islamic violence which has imperiled freedom of speech in many countries whose newspapers refused to reprint the Danish Cartoons.

It is out of Fear of offending Muslims, and the fear of ensuing violence that forced the American Guards at Gitmo to capitulate in agreement with their Muslim Detainees who said that the guards were dirty and unfit to handle the Quran, and thereafter the guards were ordered by their superiors to only handle the Quran while wearing white gloves, and using two hands to do so. (Read that in "Stealth Jihad" I think, or possibly in America Alone, by Mark Stein)

"It is one thing for a Muslim to assert that you are too dirty and unfit to handle their book, but another thing entirely when you agree with them by putting on gloves to handle it." (that is a loose quote from one of the aforementioned books, and not one of my own pearls of wisdom)
Alber: Capitulation...

Shut up.
I want to ask those who think that a little outside influence is need to "free" women from the Burqua. Did the Sufregettes have any help in getting there movement across? Did the Civil Rights movement get any outside help to get going? Why do you think that Muslim women want the outside world to help them. Let them know that there is help but, let them ask for it.
Men might have helped out but, I am talking about starting the movement. I doubt a man told Susan B. Anthony to dress like a man and try to vote.
Judith reads like you had an interesting night, I hope you slept well.

The way I see it, is that it will take a civil rights case to decide the issue of the burqa.

Wearing one will deny them access to certain jobs in free countries. Things like high level security and finances just to name a few.

It most free countries you can apply for any job available as a citizen, its your right to seek employment should you wish it. Practically a duty, looking at some welfare systems. If you are qualified for the job it mostly comes down to details, seeing ones face 100% of the time at work might be one of them, religious belief however is not.

Freedom is addictive, small tastes of it make you want more. I am sure like any community there are a lot of well educated, intelligent women under those burqa, who could be interest in more then they already have.

The ones living in places like Europe & North America as well as some of the Middle East Countries that have some middle class freedoms, must enjoy the new freedoms they have. The burqa however will exclude them from some segments of society. It is still their choice however to take it off, and when they want to, I will be right there supporting their right to do so... in a non-male chauvinistic sort of way ;).
Doh... you read it, and you read it again and you still miss stuff.

Freedom is addictive, small tastes of it make you want more. I am sure like any community there are a lot of well educated [and] intelligent women under those burqa, who could be interest[ed] in more then they already have.




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