The discovery of the pentaquark by LHC - how can creationist rationalise their lunacy?

I am just reading the latest discovery by the Large Hadron Collider. The complexity of the universe is always astounding to me. In the unlikely event that dog exists, you have to wonder why she/he/it didn't just put the complete society in place. Why such a process of scientific discovery and progress is necessary for the human race to go through? Surely the creator could have just put us in place with a perfect world if we are the supposed chosen race? When you see something such as the pentaquark, it is quite mind boggling the complexity of everything. What fun arguments do you get from the creationists to explain all this evolution?

Large Hadron Collider discovers new pentaquark particle

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Originally god was just going to put us all in place and everything be fine from there on out. Reading Genesis we seem to find that animals were at the point or procreation while humans would appear to remain as dirt and rib people. Some idiot planted the wrong tree in the garden so he must be blamed for what happened. God said not to eat of that tree and then a wise serpent showed up and talked Eve into it. From that moment Adam and Eve knew they were naked and it was all about sex just like the animals were doing. The serpent had to eat dirt and crawl on his belly. Eve had to bare children in pain and they were kicked out of the garden.

Church people call everyone "brother and sister" because we are exactly that. Incest is how we all got here thanks to that frigging snake. You would think god would have had a better plan or some better way of correcting all this. I'm still very upset at whoever planted that one tree in the garden. It looks like a setup job to me.

I read about the pentaquark but Kirk Cameron will think it's like the crocoduck.

"Some idiot planted the wrong tree in the garden so he must be blamed for what happened."

Same old story. "You've got a hardware problem". "No, it's a software issue".

God: "I don't care who's fault it is. Everyone out of the pool".

I've just read an essay by Mark Twain extoling the intelligence behind the design of the fly. I wish he was still around to give his opinions on I.T.

Though I see it as more of a conglomerate than a particle, 4 quacks and and antiquark in a composite group.

It's a bit like a micro-molecule. But, since it has behaviour as a particle, I suppose it is a particle.  :-D~  

I suppose the creationists will still still use the unknowns in quantum mechanics, no matter how many particles are discovered to insert god as if it were the supreme particle of the universe.


No matter what science comes up with, creationists will spin the data, in amazing ways, to come around to "God". I was debating creation with a christian. When I brought up the common ancestors between man and the great apes (using the chromosomal evidence), he sent back a link to "Answers in Genesis". I read it and all I can say is that they must have people working around the clock to spin data toward their worldview. It was amazing how they took the chromosomal data and spun it around to discredit it.

They start with "God" and fill in, or spin, data that supports this faulty conclusion. They do this since they cannot start with data and then conclude "God".

Yes, they start with god because they have to. There is no data that will make you conclude "god" unless they apply the "god of the gaps" idea. The bible starts with "assuming" there is a god and within its pages you read "the fool has said in his heart that there is no god." Believers actually think that "everyone knows there is a god" and they use this crappy idea in argueing with you and also in producing more stupid bible ideas.

How do you know all of this? The bible told you so.

This is how the morons think they actually do have answers in Genesis, and in how they justify all of these 66 books being bound together as one. It's a Frankenstein and loosely stitched. Once you get the book together you use this monstrousity to determine every fabric of modern and ancient religion right on into a future "yet to come" worldwide event.

I've studied it and preached it and it is nothing but insanity!

That there's no explanation possible for the mechanics underpinning magic, it's difficult to imagine any way of interpreting an event, even if it was outside the known laws of nature, as being magical. Magnetic reversals are an example of a seemingly magical occurrence being nothing more than million year spaced natural events.  


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