We are out of step from the rest of the world. Almost every western nation has it at 18. They realize that you can't call soemone too imature to make an adult decision and then call them an adult at the same time.  18 can join the military, can get married, OWN A GUN and own proptery but can't drink!  A lot of people like to point out that it prevents car accsidents. I would like to point out the number of alohal related car accsidents have been going up since 1998 and the number of alcohal deaths related to alohcal abuse amoung teens has also gone up becuase they drink in private. Really all they did is take drinking out of the public squear for young people. They still drink Deaths still happen ehtier way.  The way we have it now we are discrediting the law and adulthood in the eyes of young adults that break the drinking age law.





At least with lowering the drinking age to 18 we can start an agressive education compagian to encourage SAFE drinking at hightschools and colleges.  Stastsiclly speaking in other european countries they have done this with sex and the amount of teen pregnancy went down.  They probably still hvaing sex but its safe sex. That is the point. We gotten to the point of a society that we can be a little bad and deal with it.


Really i don't think the government should tell anyone want to put in there body. Its to them to make that choice and they are liable if that choice back fires.




I also would like to point out freedom isn't safe.

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Yes, that is why I am asking.  How does needing an ID lead to not being able to drink at all.

Needing an ID doesn't lead to anything. In the UK. I needed an ID to drink at the age of 18. My problem is the age. The age of drinking in public should be 18. 


You have to look at the reasons why they want the drinking age.  They claim drinking causes car accidents.  That is true but it cause accidents at all ages. A lot of car accidents still go on and alcohol related death. They want to raise the drinking age. to 23. Like i said isn't insane to think that they might want to ban all together. 

Like I said, read the posts.  We are talking about age to ID a person not drinking age.
I wholeheartedly agree
I think there should be a cut off of age 18 and you can drink UP TO that age.  You have to start acting like an adult in every other way at 18.  Also you shouldnt be allowed to drive, raise a family, be employed, or do anything that involves other people and be allowed to drink.  I became an atheist to avoid knowingly wrecking my brain with religion.  Why do it with alcohol?

because alcohol is fun.   Moderate uses it doens't hurt anybody.


So you never took a zip your entire life?





since you don't think people should drink because it wrecks peoples brains. Then does that mean we should make religion illegal as well up to 18?

In truth, its easy to say this stuff tongue in cheek because I know it will never happen.  I dont think people should drink - the harm to society far outweighs the "fun", but I also dont actually believe that government should stop people from drinking since we tried prohibition and it simply doesnt work.

The real solution to me is more education, more restrictions on marketing and glamorizing alcohol just like we did with cigarettes, restrict or kill altogether the alcohol lobby etc.

Religion to me also should not be made illegal, but again what should happen is having it be held to the same rigorous standards that all information is.  Preachers who make claims should be subject to fraud charges, it should be illegal to accept money for making said claims as well.  That would likely put a dent in things.
All preachers are frauds.

Well the fact is there is a very good reason why not use the government to ban things.


"Alcohol use remains extremely widespread among today’s teenagers.  Nearly three quarters of students (72%) have consumed alcohol (more than just a few sips) by the end of high school,"


So a majority of teens drink anyway even before 18.  all the law does is waste money.

susan the whole thread is about the drinking age.
In this set of post we have been talking about IDs.  You really need to learn to read.



Exacly, its blackmail. Its way around making it a federal law. Some states don't feel the drinking age has to be at 21. THE madd people made this on a federal level. I don't think the states should be buyllied into this law.  




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