We are out of step from the rest of the world. Almost every western nation has it at 18. They realize that you can't call soemone too imature to make an adult decision and then call them an adult at the same time.  18 can join the military, can get married, OWN A GUN and own proptery but can't drink!  A lot of people like to point out that it prevents car accsidents. I would like to point out the number of alohal related car accsidents have been going up since 1998 and the number of alcohal deaths related to alohcal abuse amoung teens has also gone up becuase they drink in private. Really all they did is take drinking out of the public squear for young people. They still drink Deaths still happen ehtier way.  The way we have it now we are discrediting the law and adulthood in the eyes of young adults that break the drinking age law.





At least with lowering the drinking age to 18 we can start an agressive education compagian to encourage SAFE drinking at hightschools and colleges.  Stastsiclly speaking in other european countries they have done this with sex and the amount of teen pregnancy went down.  They probably still hvaing sex but its safe sex. That is the point. We gotten to the point of a society that we can be a little bad and deal with it.


Really i don't think the government should tell anyone want to put in there body. Its to them to make that choice and they are liable if that choice back fires.




I also would like to point out freedom isn't safe.

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If it were a fair world it would but there is a movement to lower the drinking age to 18. It might happen but I might be 21 by that time it does or order.  That really annoys me.  America seems to be the only country obsessed over keeping booze out of the hands of adults. That goal failed if you look at the amount of teen non road related alcohol deaths. prohibition doesn't work.  The most of the world knows this expect muslims countries and the U.S
18 not too young to drink. 18 Year of adulthood.  Every other western countries agrees with me on this. how come American doesn't?

Wow, in UK the age is 18 but you need ID to buy it if you don't look over 21. There are some complicated rules about alcohol for under 18s too but I think you can have alcohol with a meal at 16 or 14 if served in a pub. It's a bit silly having the laws as it makes alcohol appear more attractive to young people. I grew up with alcohol available all my life and was given a little bit in a glass if I wanted it at christmas and celebrations. So by the time I was 18 it had no appeal. It is still a social thing for me now I am in my 30s.



". It's a bit silly having the laws as it makes alcohol appear more attractive to young people."


My point is so what. Its your NOT your problem. its a parental problem.  To me it looks lke it makes alchohol less attrative becuase its not something mysterist and forbidden. That you see your older family and friends get wasted on.

In the U.S you have to look over 30.
One day you won't be able to drink at all.
Yes, you are right. They want to make it 23. Only logical course is to just out law it all together if they want no one crashing in a car because of booze.
Okay, know I get it.  You are deranged.  Who wants to make the law 23?

How em I deranged?


Some people in MADD want to make it 23.  They believe the drinking age is too low and they are still  not happy with the amount of car accidents that go on.  Once they raise it to 23 and there are still ppl drinking and driving. They just go fuck it. Lets ban it from everyone. 

@thenerd.  Why is it you feel the need to challenage me?  Just because its in the constitution doesn't mean they can't go back in and repeal the repeal. If they don't want a super majority maybe a loop hole. My question to you is how come prohibition for those under 21 is perfectly legal?     I think you know this.

Huh?  Do you bother to think before you post?
Yes I do. What makes you think i don't?




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