We are out of step from the rest of the world. Almost every western nation has it at 18. They realize that you can't call soemone too imature to make an adult decision and then call them an adult at the same time.  18 can join the military, can get married, OWN A GUN and own proptery but can't drink!  A lot of people like to point out that it prevents car accsidents. I would like to point out the number of alohal related car accsidents have been going up since 1998 and the number of alcohal deaths related to alohcal abuse amoung teens has also gone up becuase they drink in private. Really all they did is take drinking out of the public squear for young people. They still drink Deaths still happen ehtier way.  The way we have it now we are discrediting the law and adulthood in the eyes of young adults that break the drinking age law.





At least with lowering the drinking age to 18 we can start an agressive education compagian to encourage SAFE drinking at hightschools and colleges.  Stastsiclly speaking in other european countries they have done this with sex and the amount of teen pregnancy went down.  They probably still hvaing sex but its safe sex. That is the point. We gotten to the point of a society that we can be a little bad and deal with it.


Really i don't think the government should tell anyone want to put in there body. Its to them to make that choice and they are liable if that choice back fires.




I also would like to point out freedom isn't safe.

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" Quite scary actually."


Yes it is scary. I am hope one day people will just wake and realize you can't force morality on people.

I disagree.  People don't have to be told not to run around killing each other. 
I think being an atheist is better. yes I heard of them.
So the two are mutually exclusive?  Are you trying to set a record for the largest number of idiotic things one person can say?
Unless one kills someone while drunk, say while driving, drinking itself is like masturbation. It is not hurting anyone else and it isn't aNyone else's business. Theists do tend to be overly concerned w things like this. This type of concern for morality is vastly different than concern over whether people kill other people.

To my mind they are so different that there should be separate words for them. I suspect that we have theists to thank that "morality" entails both.

"Do unto others..." is basicly quite reasonable.. No one want to be ripped off, lied to, beat up, or much les killed. So one should know not to do these things to others. Only someone with a problem tho would have any problem with anything that any adult chooses to consume. And for all the reasons listed at the beginning of this thread, it seems reasonable to figure people to be an adult at 18.
I guess John D, when you park in spaces meant for women, pregnant or not, you are saying you have no mother, wife, sister or daughter that you would like an able body man to make their life a little easier by opening a door, letting them park first or any other gentlemanly action. If you were a Christian I would ask what kind of Christian you are, but since you are an atheist, I am going to ask what kind of a human being are you? And Yes, one day it will be your mother, wife, sister or daughter, that can barely walk going to the supermarket to get food to feed her family and some jerk is going to make it just a little bit harder on her that day.
I guess he never paid attention when his wife was pregnant.
Gender equality... Does it matter?. I still open the door, to women and men. What society do we live in that we are just rude to others? My mother did not force me to be civilized and act as a person. Yes, people do abuse it but it is usually the young kid parking in the Handicap spot not the senior citizen.
Perhaps you can improve this world a little and you can be polite also. Positive energy brings positive results, and it has nothing to do with magic, it is pure psychology. Your welcomed
lol..You are still welcomed... You forgot to say thank you...
Try something tomorrow; be nice to ten people. Say hello, thank you and your welcomed. You might make a new friend, new sale or have a good laugh. You will live longer and have less stress than if your trying to find parking spots to take.

I would hope that if you saw a pregnant ladyin a line in behind you that you would allow her to go first to the rest room.  I did not mean positive thinking, I meant expressing positive energies in his interactions with others. If you smile when say hello, instead of grunting and putting on an ugly face your get better responses from everyone you deal with. 


I think that everyone regardless of age should be given a very extensive driving test. As far as age and drinking, a better question is should government have the right to tell people what to do. In other words, do they have the right to tell us what we can and can't do. How about our bodies, speed limits, what cars we drive, what we wear. After that then it is a matter of the figuring an age of maturity. Maturity in thinking and action is not 18, anyone that is a little older than that can attest to this in their own lives and it is also proven scientifically. 

Personally, I rather drive whatever car I want, at whatever speed I want and park wherever I want. And would do it naked, and with a drink in hand too. However, how long would our society survive if everyone did that. 





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