We are out of step from the rest of the world. Almost every western nation has it at 18. They realize that you can't call soemone too imature to make an adult decision and then call them an adult at the same time.  18 can join the military, can get married, OWN A GUN and own proptery but can't drink!  A lot of people like to point out that it prevents car accsidents. I would like to point out the number of alohal related car accsidents have been going up since 1998 and the number of alcohal deaths related to alohcal abuse amoung teens has also gone up becuase they drink in private. Really all they did is take drinking out of the public squear for young people. They still drink Deaths still happen ehtier way.  The way we have it now we are discrediting the law and adulthood in the eyes of young adults that break the drinking age law.





At least with lowering the drinking age to 18 we can start an agressive education compagian to encourage SAFE drinking at hightschools and colleges.  Stastsiclly speaking in other european countries they have done this with sex and the amount of teen pregnancy went down.  They probably still hvaing sex but its safe sex. That is the point. We gotten to the point of a society that we can be a little bad and deal with it.


Really i don't think the government should tell anyone want to put in there body. Its to them to make that choice and they are liable if that choice back fires.




I also would like to point out freedom isn't safe.

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No I don't because age of adult you can enter into a contract, allowed to get married, allowed to own a gun, be trailed as an adult and allowed to fight for your country.  18 is the age of majority. The drinking age abrides the age of majority .


If you stop being a damn trolling  and pay attention. I say when you are an adult I think you should have the right to put what ever you want in your own body because in the eyes of the law you can make adult decisions. When you not the parents has that right. Again, I don't think the government should tell parents what they can give to there kids or grown adults.   If you are so damn concerned that my agrument is counter productive then put your case on this thread or STFU. A prick like you says you are on my side but I don't beleive you.  You came on here being very hostile towards me. When people are hostile towards me the only thing I would like to say to those people is to FUCK OFF.

"sense of entitlement"


AcutallY have no sense of entitlement. I will earn the money to buy booze as I earn to buy anything else.  All I am saying, that the government doens't have the right to tell buinness to not sell me a product.


"lack of logically consistent argument"


Acutally its not. I said anyone over 18 should be allowed to put what they wish in there body.




further neurology shows that if one were to set a comprehensive age line on decision making, 18 would not be the age to do it"



Yes I know. Its around 25 to 27 when the brain fully matures.   My point is if you(the gov) are going to say 18 years old are adults and can be punished like one in the law.  Then they should be treated like adults all the way that includes being allowed to drink.   They give you all the burdens of adult hood but not all of the fun. That is an injustice, hpycrisy and out right bullshit. I don't see why you don't see that.

The reason we find you hilarious is because we do see that.  But, you seem to think seeing both sides of an argument is a bad thing.

This desbribes how I feel about the law.


So this is how it works now, if you're under 18 you're a minor, except when you are charged with a terrible crime, then suddenly you're an adult (without the rights of one of course), but when you're good and did not commit a crime you're still a minor, you can emancipate yourself but not until 16 and even then you still don't have all rights of an adult. So, you finally turn 18 and may or may not have done the things listed above, you can no longer be referred to "juvenile" court and cannot be charged as a minor, you need your parents permission for absolutely nothing and so on but the moment you're caught with alcohol 18-20 you're charged as a MINOR but in an ADULT court (not juvenile!).

I'm sorry has no one ever read the 14th Amendment Section 1? I swear there was a specific mandate for EQUAL PROTECTION.

You REALLY need to work on your reading comprehension.  Maybe if you stopped trying drink every chance you got dome brain cells would still be functioning. 


Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

"without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."


Age discrimnation is discrimnation. So an 18 year old isn't an adult?



I see the other side. I just think the other side is full of shit and are freedom hating assholes. Its my body. The gov can fuck off.

No I shouldn't becuase 18 is the standard world wide for adulthood and drinking. It should be here. After 18 there should be no restriction on what you can buy and put into yoru body. I don't advocate a compustion drinking age at all.. Only parents permission when you are under 18 because your parents are your proxy until then.

"The right to have an abortion if you want one."


How is that not pro choice? They are not going to go on and on about choosing to have the baby when the opposition is saying that is the only thing that should be allowed. Pro-choice people want abortion clinics to stay open in case people go there by their own choice. They don't kidnap pregnant women and drag them to the clinic.

You can't yourself pro choice. Call yourself pro aboration. Pro choice should be choice all the way.
There is no such thing as pro abortion.  Ther is already a word for what you want.  Libertarian.

I guess now is a good time to admit that I have an abortion fetish.  I mostly get pregnant so I can park in the pregnant lady spaces at the gym:) 


I stand corrected.  It is still not synonimous with pro-choice




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