Baby #20!

I find these people just sickening.

It's just so sad that there are, right now, over 124,000 children in foster care who are already wards of their state just waiting and hoping to be adopted and loved while the Duggars keep having more and more children.... and calling it a "blessing from god" to boot. Why can't they share some of their wealth and love with some of them?  Also, How infuriating to people out there who would do anything to have a child and can't (that the Duggars are "blessed" with 20 and people who would love and cherish a child can't even have one)


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lol at "leaving family planning up to God" x__x

When has religion ever been logical, especially with the conception and birth of a child?

How much of their family has been subsidized by Discovery Communications, owners of TLC? Most of it? All of it?


These people represent Christian Nationalism to the nth degree!!!

Definition of Plague:an unusually large number of insects or animals infesting a place and causing damage:

I reckon that describes the situation here.



I'm thinking you are correct.

We need an anti religion vaccine for this.

This is cringe-worthy.  These people are a circus.

That's just sad!




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