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Good riddance to dumb asses and foolish faith.  It would be nice to think that maybe SOME of the Duggars would learn from this, though I would be very dubious.

I wonder what took them so long - they should have been cancelled long ago.

But - you know people watched that Honey Boo Boo show - so people must love trash TV.

Trash can have value when it's recycled.  That crap, if it has any value at all, has it only for people who cannot be bothered to think after any meaningful fashion.

Yeah, I saw this announcement today as well.  I immediately thought to myself, "That hasn't been cancelled already?!"

I seriously hope TLC's reputation (however bad it must be already) suffers as much as the Duggar's.  What took so long to cancel this train wreck?

Blame it on PBS and the Loud family.  I watched part of the first episode, and thought, "What a waste of video tape, and the time of a camera crew." . I was ashamed of being a volunteer at the Los Angeles PBS station,

Carl Sagan and "Cosmos" made up for that hideous error. 

But TV nuts still fall for that crap.

I don't have a tv. I am not int o Netflix or Hulu or watching tv, but since you mentioned child abuse, circumcision counts as serious sexual assault and permanently damaging disfigurement. They don't know or care.

Oh, get a skin graft and shut up,  (Pig skin makes good grafts,)

You are a woman and you are talking like a fool, and you might be prejudiced against men. Your immune system would reject donor tissue and there is no good surgery to fix circumcision. The tissue surrounding the gland in intact men unfolds into the shaft so men can function sexually. For a man to get circumcised is approximately equal to a woman having her labia cut off and the part of the clitorus outside the body cavity permanently chaffing against clothing or exposed to the environment.

Good riddance, but there's enough crap left on TLC. The way they follow the lives of a family who suffer from stunted growth makes me think of the monkeyhouse in the zoo. Embarrassing.

Trash TV is always around. America thrives on it. I've never watched to see if ducks die nasty. I do not watch the Lardassyones and don't care if honey made a boo boo.

What ever happened to old fashioned TV shows like "Name That Tune?" The contestant says "I can name that tune in one note."


"It's the Star Spangled Banner!"

I agree.  I don't watch 99.9% of the crap on TV anymore.  And I loved shows like "Name That Tune" also.

Bring back "Bill Nye the Science Guy" or something else useful. The crap we let our kids consume is turning tis country into...don't get me started!




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