Ebola may infect 10,000 within a month, and hundreds of thousands thereafter, according to epidemiology models.

Disease modelers project a rapidly rising toll from Ebola

(For a summary see this comment.)

Since nobody is holding fundraisers, let's crowdsource an Ebola Empathy Challenge. Sign up for monthly donations to Doctors Without Borders and share a photo of yourself with simulated blood. The minimum is $7.50. I'm giving $50 until this is over.

Brother Richard, I call you out to meet the Ebola Empathy Challenge!

Dare to make the horror and fear stalking West Africa a personal moral concern.

This is my new avatar.

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I don't remember reading this post, except I knew you are calling for donations, and i like your ideas and support them wholeheartedly.

I just got another $5,000.00+ bill for cancer treatment and am financially smashed. Just another way to make people poor. I have good health insurance, always have, but health care copays are not as good as we hoped.

May I impose on you to mark my avatar with blood? I don't know how to do it. You did a beautiful job with my bald head.  

Doctor's Without Borders is one of the regular charities I give money to.  They are such an important and outstanding organization.   

I haven't made recurring donations to any group before, but this is exceptionally important.



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