I know that not everyone believes in evolution through natural selection. That's okay, belief never changes proven, testable, facts. In my personal opinion, however, our evolution into the intelligent creatures (if you can call it intelligent), we are, is a curse of sorts. At first our evolving intelligence served us well, helped us survive where other creatures couldn't. But now our intelligence is killing us. It was our intelligence that has lead to, what I believe now, is irreversible climate change. We are on the road to extinction. How long that process will take I do not know, but there's no going back now. If I could wish for anything, it would be that we had never left the trees.

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it's only a matter of time before new york city becomes a swamp like Florida. of course no one wants to hear the facts in society they would rather reassure themselves global warming doesn't exist and say natural and man-made climate changes is "god's work".

i even remember someone telling me the tsunamis (caused by underwater earthquakes) that hit japan was god's way of "punishing them". So innocent children deserve to die? i remember bring up this point and a theist said they do deserve it. never have i been so disgusted in someone's delusion.

Yes, coming out of the water was a good idea, but coming down from the trees was questionable.

I share you pessimism. It seems likely that the intelligence which got us to this point where we can cause irreversible damage to the environment is as much a detriment as a benefit. Getting our act together in time just isn't going to happen. Whether a small cadre of humans can survive is not clear, but what's coming will make it impossible to support anything like the current population. Untold misery is in store for the majority.

When I was a child I climbed trees. I should have kept doing it.

I blame the peyote.  How else would we have come up with the idea of a god, that we are his special creatures and the world is our dominion.  Intelligence has always been trumped by delusional and fancy thinking.  I also blame math...fucking exponential population growth...


Everybody loves to fuck.

I don’t know, but personally I kind of hope that these Christian Dumbf**ks do have their “rapture”. You know, the one where they all go up in a puff of smoke. They’re the primary reason why this planet is so screwed up to begin with. It was Christian dogma that led to them to come over to this continent to kill off my ancestors and rape them of their culture. It was Christian dogma that helped fuel slavery and fed into the Confederate South’s insistence that slavery should be kept alive. It was Christian dogma that helped fuel every Conservative rally against any and all civil right’s “Liberal” ideology helped to make possible, including interracial marriage, women’s right to vote, African American’s right to vote, the establishment of Social Security...

And that’s just on this side of the pond. I mean let’s not forget Hitler pairing himself with “the Almighty Creator” in his idea of “defending himself against the Jew”.

Christianity is a powerful tool for creating horrible destruction without remorse, without foresight and without conscience. And the same holds true for any other religion that place’s it’s followers blind obedience over common decency.

Nietzsche mentioned something along the lines of humanity not being the final result in our evolution, but rather ‘we’ are the step in between of our evolutionary descendants and the Übermensch or superman. We are transitional. In any case he might be right about one thing and it’s his description of “The Last Man”, which I fear is overabundantly in our presence.

Of course, if 'we had never left the trees', you would not be in a position to appreciate what might have been, and what might have been lost, (which, as things are, you do).

I don't see intelligence, per se, as the problem. Our higher intelligence has been able to use science to tell us how we're exterminating ourselves. It's the two primitive brains, reptile brain (especially) and lymbic system, making it impossible to avoid self-extermination. Neither use language or numbers, they're instinctive, concrete, and inaccessible to introspection. When two of our three brains agree that Climate Change ain't so, or God will step in, intellect is outmaneuvered. It's just there to make up justifications for what the majority of our brain wants.

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Perhaps other aliens with more advanced brain structures will avoid destroying their planet by burning fossil fuel and overpopulation. We're probably too dysfunctional to make it.

You're right that intelligence per se is not the problem. Intelligence can override underlying primitive instincts, in which case it is our savior, or it can be enslaved to their service, in which case it seals our doom.

Yeah....I have been listening to a lot of what Guy McPherson and Noam Chomsky have been saying and it makes lots of sense.....in the near term we are headed towards lots of suffering and in the not so long term its lights out for the human species. I hoped that all I was feeling was a bit of my mother's eschatological tendencies that have made me so jaded about our future but every new IPCC release has only been accompanied with confirming observations on the high end of scientists predictions/estimates. Here in Chicago the local Fox weatherman (Bill Bellis) commented on this latest report citing what IPCC scientist have said about the effects we are already experiencing only to end his commentary by saying that for him it might all be part of normal fluctuations. I let out an audible "MuthaF***er and felt our species slipping away in front of my eyes". I am struggling to not fall in despair for the sake of my 7 year old but this is increasingly difficult for me to do. 


for him it might all be part of normal fluctuations

Another example of someone confusing weather and climate. Weather is the normal fluctuation, climate is the underlying norm. It is easy to note and record the normal fluctuations of temperature; it is difficult to establish a value for global mean temperature and discover its variation over long periods. When that variation is consistently upward, it indicates basic climate change.

Chomnsky is a national treasure. On this subject there is a good video of him:


It's part of a series by The Nation on "Peak Oil and Climate Change."

The Industrial Revolution was a necessary evil, and was relatively innocent in regards to willfull environmental degradation. Without it, we wouldn't have the means to produce the materials we need to shift towards green energy solutions. The problem is that greed has overtaken the intelligence that got us to where we are, and that necessary shift away from fossil fuels is turning into a struggle of monumental proportions.




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