How many of the faithful have really read the bible. Catholics do not teach their followers anything about it. The only thing they learn is the Catechism and nothing more except what the leaders of the Church want them to know. Protestants learn from early ages in Sunday School and later on in bible classes if they so want. But even then they are guided by the pastors, ministers and elders of the church who are sometimes completely uninformed, themselves, about the more vile and irrational parts. In many instances if the learner does accidentally stumble upon these violent, cruel, ridiculous, fairytale type of stories and reality kicks in their brain they will possibly fade away from their religious beliefs. But that does not happen often because people stay believers even with these irrational facts hitting them squarely in the face.

How can someone with a normal thought process read about an invisible supernatural being creating the world in six days, a talking snake, a woman who turns into a pillar of salt, a man who lives inside a big fish and people who become alive after being dead? Why do people talk to this invisible entity and never hear a word back but still do it for their whole lives? Why do they, after so many times, ask this entity, who no one has ever seen or heard, for something important like saving the life of a loved one that eventually dies shortly thereafter without a pause in the progress of their demise. How does this happen to so many people?

What are your ideas about this? You at this site are the most wise in these matters, so can you join in? I am calling this THE FAITHFUL AND THE BIBLE I. In a few days I will put out THE FAITHFUL AND THE BIBLE II that will be my ideas on how and why this situation exists. Not that my ideas will be correct, but I will be interested in seeing your ideas and see if some of you have the same reasons for this phenomenon that I do.

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No sir! Logical examination of deeply held Christian belief involves no borderline. What is examined is the very definition of absurdity. The atheist memes are infinite, from Maher's Eve and the Talking Snake Act to Lord (Richard) Buckley's loving people instead of God because he can get his brains on them, to the familiar uploaded cartoon of God sending himself in the form of his only son, &c. Belief is delusional, which was the point of Dawkins. Harris demonstrated how religion threatens the entire world existentially. And Hitchens demonstrated, among other things, that lack of refrigeration in nomadic times meant God giving you trichinosis. Science explains it all for us. I quit using Gillette ages ago in favor of Occam.

Elders of the church are chosen along political lines. All they do is mouth meaningless passages and try to explain them to mostly skeptical or merely bored juveniles in what is euphemistically called Sunday School. (They make a big mistake putting that last word into the equation: "hey, man, you're fucking up my weekend!")


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