I need other people's opinions on a debate I have been having with my boyfriend.
I consider myself an Atheist, but I believe in Fate. (I define fate as " the universe will eventually reach a state of homoestasis")
He claims that because I believe this I am cleary not an Atheist! Because fate is a higher power than me.
Please let me know what you think either way!
Thanks so much

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so you are saying that "entropy" is more like a random coincidence than that "fate"...
it doesn't really change anything though, because I still think the universe will work itself out. I guess the real question is: Do you consider the Universe a higher power?
Thanks for the reply
I see and I feel the same way. I am am very grateful for you help with this I really just needed to see that I was not crazy or the only one who thinks this way. I don't think it will stop the debate, being as we are both extremly stubborn and we also are completly different end of the provebial specturm (He is a hardcore Christian and as I said I am an Atheist.)
But Thanks I am happy you helped!




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