I was suffocated surrounded by believer people..believer of different Gods even they doesn't know how god exist..I'm not against them but sad to say they are against me because I'm not a believer they told me that i will not be saved from fire or what they call it hell..but its ok the hell for me is how the people fight because of their religion..how can't they solve a simple problem because of what written in their bible..I was born catholic living in a catholic country and studying in a catholic school..first i thought i was only a non-religious but i feel free now knowing who really i am free from a religion..free doing what is right and wrong and free from debate or fight just to save a religion..i am proud to say that im a free thinker that can give them better idea..for those who are like me a free thinker living in a country that full of beliefs..don't be shy to voice out what's really in you the world doesn't need to evolve in a religion..its need A RIGHT SOLUTION in a worst situation..AJA FREETHINKERS!!!

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I understand your feelings.  I was ostracized by my Catholic family because I didn't take communion at my parents' funerals (I was good enough to be a pallbearer, though).

A little story.  I was in my pharmacy waiting for a prescription last Summer.  The weather was unbearably hot and another customer said that she was praying for some cooler weather.  One of the pharmacists was an Indian (from India).  He responded to the room: "We have three gods.  I wonder which one I should pray to?" I laughed but there were a couple of people whose eyes got big and didn't laugh.

Welcome to the real world.

it's alright then..as long as we know that we are truly human without delusion we will stay at the good side..people who have gods used to be boastful and unlawful..take care!


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