Ok, so I'll try not to bicker too much but here is the trailer for the low-budget film 'Innocence of Muslims' that has the extremists acting like something scandalous really happened.

I find it more scandalous that they exhibit so much violence than that someone used his freedom of expression to criticize their prophet: as Richard Dawkins said, freedom of expression is a liberty that exists, precisely, to protect UNPOPULAR speech!

Therefore, in celebration of so-called Sam Bacile, the guy who made this movie and is in the process of becoming the Guy Fawkes of the infidels (his identity is unknown: CIA claims he's a Coptic Christian from Egypt that lives in Los Angeles, now this news item claims he's a porn director), I share the trailer of this badly-made movie to remind you all of how ludicrous Islamic fundies really are.

Everyday comedians and satirists make fun of the pope, of the Catholic Church, even of its sexual scandals, of Scientologists and Mormons.  I don't know, I just think some people need to laugh at themselves a bit more ....

Salamaleikum kafiru (I think that's the plural for peace be with you, infidels!)


Steven Pinker on Taboos, Political Correctness, and Dissent


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In this instance cultural and political viewpoints are the crux of the matter. Most of the protestors do not live in countries where freedom of speech is an accepted value enshrined in law, but where the government controls speech and publication. They find it impossible to believe this film could be produced and spread around without explicit approval of the United States government. One protestor who spoke English even demanded that the US government immediately execute those connected with the film. On the other side, it is difficult for us to imagine a mindset that could make such a demand.

Now Egypt has announced indictments of several people allegedly connected with the film, all of which are in the US and presumably are not realistically subject to arrest. Nonetheless, let's see if our national leadership develops a spine (probably not).

I have been watching these developments with a mix of disbelief and disgust.

I just want to scream "Grow the FUCK up" at both the people protesting and the douchebags behind the film in the first place.

It an impossible wish I know but i just want everyone in the world to grow up and respect the viewpoints of everyone else. I said respect, not condone or even understand.

Useless bullshitting from all sides does not achieve anything and it makes me so angry that a few arseholes are able to brew up so much trouble.


You are right.  It doesn't take courage to do something that hurts and kills other people, while you are safely in a free country, making a film under a pseudonym.  Stirring up a hornets nest, via long distance.

I don't condone the violence in any way, shape, or form.  But there is responsibility in free speech. What he did was irresponsible.

It isn't safe for him.  "Sam Bacile" had to go into hiding.  The Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris had to go into hiding after suggesting "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day".  The Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered after making the film Submission about Islam's treatment of women.  The Somali Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote the screenplay for this movie, she went into hiding after the movie was made and had Dutch security forces guarding her.

No, we have already lost some of our right to free speech on this topic.  I don't suppose we are going to be murdered by a radical Muslims for saying these things, but if anyone makes a significant amount of commotion about it, their life is in danger.  No matter where they live.  People like Sam Harris are risking their lives.  I don't know what kinds of security protection he has. 

Yeah I saw some of the film - it's all over the news and talk shows.

Protesting is still occurring.

I have seen the trailer and it is clearly designed to offend and inflame. You could argue that Islamic fundies should have more sense and nothing justifies the violence that followed, and I would agree with you. However we live in the real world and the maker of this movie knew how the islamic fundies would react, and how that reaction would be precieved in the Western World. It is a calculated effort to inflame hate between the islamic world and the western world and by most accounts it seems to have been successful.
Some posts here seem to be almost excusing this violent behavior. That's too much that problem with our politicians and pundits, talking about the antagonistic nature of the film, as if that explains things. It doesn't. Mohammed WAS a murderer, a child molester and a rapist. It's not the tone of the film that's the problem, it's the barbaric mindset of his followers that is the problem.

The level of protests should not come as a surprise. Salman Rushdie and everyone connected with the novel The Satanic Verses were condemned to death and he had to go into hiding. Cartoons published in Denmark set off a wave of protests across the Middle East back in 2006.

Changing the culture so that criticism of Islam will be acceptable is almost impossible in the short run.

My feeling when I heard about this movie was "Bravo!" 

Because when people are willing to murder over negative comments about Islam or Mohammed, this HAS to be resisted. 

People were murdered over some Danish cartoons of Mohammed - not particularly mean-spirited or jeering cartoons. 

A Seattle cartoonist, Molly Norris, had to go into hiding after making some cartoons of Mohammed. 

The Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was murdered because he made a film called Submission, criticizing Islam's treatment of women.  (it can be seen on Youtube). 

It's an effort to terrorize people into a silence where they don't say certain things about Islam, and it's largely succeeded.  They're willing to murder people because of serious social criticism, funny cartoons or  jeering and sneering at Islam, and they don't care which it is. 

And the priceless right to freedom of speech has largely been taken away from us, on this subject.  The terrorists have succeeded in taking it away.  It's very unlikely that there's going to be a real professionally made movie about Mohammed, anytime soon.  Certainly nothing seriously critical of him. 

This "Sam Bacile" is brave to do it, he risked his life to do it, and he had to deceive his actors into thinking they were doing something else!

I felt so glad to hear of someone standing up to Islamic intimidation.  It HAS to be resisted.  Those people HAVE to learn to get the chip knocked off their shoulders, without becoming homicidal.  They HAVE to learn to live in this big world with many different philosophies in it, without trying to terrorize the "infidels".  "Sam Bacile" did something that HAS to be done.

The quality of the movie doesn't matter, except to illustrate how much intimidation there is, that it could only be done in this amateurish, deceptive way. 

One reason free speech is so important is that without free speech, your thoughts will end up constrained too. 

When some things are prohibited to say, there's an Imp in people's minds that says them.  Sometimes a successfully hushed Imp, sometimes a loud Imp. 

The Muslims who kill "blasphemers" are likely trying to kill that Imp.  They can't get at the Imp directly so they try to kill it by proxy. 

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali woman writer and politician, in an interview on this film:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nathan-gardels/ayaan-hirsi-ali-on-ang...


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