Well my folks incredibly where very cool with it, they supported me fully. my sister on the other hand bitched up a storm when i told her. she happens to be apart of one of those no denominational churches that are usually full of young kids and young adults. one morning she went to a catholic church and manged to bottle up "holy water" and threw it on me as i slept. i woke up and acted like i was burning and she freaked out, then i started to laugh and she stormed out lol. i actually go to that church and talk to people there, not over religion but as friends because they happen to be the most civilized people in the area weird enough, i live in a what people call the "hood" and there your everyday suburban people, we may disagree about the whole "god" thing but there cool with me., which im happy to hear about because i have yet to find an atheist anywhere in hamtramck. some people tell me im going to burn in hell, some think im a luciferian because i happen to like heavy metal that is way on the so called "dark side". but otherwise everything is cool i've only got into one fist fight over it wth some overly religous young african-american baptist, and the police dont treat me different either so i have a sub par experience coming out

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Acting like I'm burning when water is thrown on when I'm sleeping is not how I would have reacted =)

Someone would have woken up with their hand in warm water sooner or later, that is for sure.



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