It's possible, and apparently very painful, to break a penis.

We had this patient who suffered penile fracture after running across the room and trying to penetrate his wife with a flying leap.

Breaking a penis can be used as a defense against rape.

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Peyrones disease is more common than once thought, but an actual fracture is pretty far out. People just need to be more careful. I'm not going to run across a room and take a flying leap at anyone. At least not without the viagra.

When I was about 13 we were visiting a family that had cattle. The cow was in heat and the bull tried to jump over a wooden fence to get at her. He made it half way and was impaled on that fence for hours. They had called the vet who announced that the bull had broken his penis. Perhaps a fracture like your article describes. The poor bull bellowed constantly. They didn't even take him off the fence. In the end they put him down. (Real story here and not bull.)

Aren't genes cruel?  They make the bodies that carry them jump over fences, in an effort to get together with other genes and propagate themselves. 

Never mind if the body might be impaled in extreme pain.

Genes have no morality at all.

Note to self - do not try and play darts with your penis.

More to the point, masturbate carefully. Apparently aggressive masturbation can break it too.

Did you look at the link Ruth gave?  You just haven't been aggressive enough to break it.

Don't say that................

The trauma is usually related to aggressive or acrobatic sexual intercourse or, in some cases, aggressive masturbation. [emphasis mine]

source the Mayo Clinic.

This rape-defense technique should be taught in classes, with artificial penises upon which to practice. Videos would be wildly popular too.

Severe force applied to a fully erect penis, like hitting the end with something hard, or sudden bending? If you hear it pop, you know you did it right.

We need a new direction for anti-rape culture. If most women got really good at doing this, rape would become rare, especially repeat offender rapes. If a potential victim sneered that she's a penis-fracture black belt, the attacker might lose his erection. I can see graduation ceremonies, with "black belt in penis fracture" tee shirts and jewelry. A new variety of women's empowerment awaits.

"If you hear it pop, you know you did it right."

Okay, just reading that made my pecker hurt.

Just try not to get an erection

- around heavy machinery

- around a very unwilling woman

- when swimming in piranha-infested waters

- near falling trees.

And if you do get an erection and you're near a dog, don't cover it with peanut butter or anything the dog might find appetizing.

Feel better?




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