A bit surprised I haven't seen anything on this here, but for those who may not have heard, the Supreme Court has ruled that Fred Phelps and his Westboro "Baptist Church's" protests are allowed under the First Amendment:




My take: There's no doubt these people are idiots (and I'm being polite). Totally warped. No sense of decency at all.


But I also believe in TOTALLY free speech. That doesn't mean speech we agree with; it also means speech that we find disgusting. I think we can all agree that the Fred Phelps cult of hate perhaps shouldn't exist. But if we start banning them just because we find them and their views to be abhorrent, then we, as a nation, are no better than any other nation that suppresses ideas and thoughts.


Your thoughts and opinions, of course, are more than welcome.

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Our local newspaper had a piece on this nonsense and unfortunately it is precisely because it wasn't a personal attack on the family, but a generalized picketing of soliders and gays, that it was protected under the second amendment. If it had been aimed at the soldier and his family personally, Phelps would have lost the case. At least, that's the impression I'm under.

The issue the father brought up before the SC was they had advertised the week prior to the funeral, using their son's name and picture in their ad. They argued it was an intentianal act which hurt them personally.
Ok, now I'm concerned.

Westboro scheduled to show up today in O'Fallon, IL, at a military funeral. The usual fun and games, of course. Sooner or later you know they're going to overplay their hand, and I'm just glad I won't be the one who has to clean up the mess.

It has almost happened already.  Not advocating that someone take such drastic action, but they have to realize the indecency of what they do and the time and place they choose to do it could lead someone to that action.

 Do you mean the tire slashing,or something else?


No.  There was a military vet packing an M14 and a Glock along with some other firearms following them around.  I'm sure he wasn't intending to have a rational discussion with those folks.



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